Sunday, July 31, 2011

Concerning future Cryptic Inscriptions Issues

So for anyone that doesn't know or hasn't figured it out.The July issue of Cryptic Inscriptions isn't complete, so we've decided to do a split July/Aug issue in Aug.In the future will be doing the same for the remainder of this year Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec.After this will be concentrating on writing reviews and articles on different topics that aren't all musically related in 2012.So without further do here's what to expect in the July/Aug issue of Cryptic Inscriptions:

Interviews:Abnormality,Shitstorm,Nordvagr and Igorrr

Reviews:Abnormality “The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion” EP,Shitstorm/Conga Fury split 7 inch,Nordvargr Pyrrhula LP,All Hail the Transcending Ghost Self titled LP,Igorrr Nostril LP and Anal Cunt Morbid Florist EP.

Once again we both apologize for the delay in the July issue.Will let everyone know when the July/Aug split issue is up!

Joe and Ashley:Cryptic Inscriptions