Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feb 2017 Issue

Hello readers,

Here is the newest issue of the zine. Enjoy!!

                                  Feb 2017 Issue "The Iron" by Henry Rollins:

  I decided for this month's issue to tackle an article that I read sometime last year by musician and writer Henry Rollins. I knew that Rollins was definitely into fitness by his impressive physique, but I didn't know much on the back story of it. I dived into the article and found out that in his youth through the help of his advisor Mr.Pepperman. Mr. Pepperman would show him the ropes on working out by showing him 10  different weight lifting exercises to help build his physique. These exercises didn't only help build his physical appearance, but also helped build his mental and emotional character as well. I became interested in working out in 2011, but honestly didn't take it seriously until about a year ago when I moved to Texas. I started to research and went full force into it. Learning a lot and still learning even now! The benefits and discipline the iron has taught me has helped shape me into a better person and taught me a lot about life as well. When something seems like it can't be done you have to get back up, try again, and work hard at it. When I first read the article tears almost came to my eyes because the scenario of Rollins' youth reminded me a lot like my own minus the fact that I wasn't as lucky to have an advisor like Mr.Pepperman to help me along the way. I had to carry my own and with my own dedication and drive I've taken myself to places I never thought I would be. For me it isn't about posing in the mirror and a social scene, fitness for me has helped me feel better as a person by achieving what I thought I could never even do. I often like to work out alone with no music just myself, the weights, and solitude. It helps me clear my mind and gets in me in the mode for the workout that awaits. I've applied the training and discipline to my everyday life and other obstacles and its definitely been the biggest benefit that I've ever known. I've been through both aspects: from not training to partying and not taking care of myself to training and taking care of myself through strengthening of the health, mind, body, and soul. I will take the latter always and continue to become, as Elliot Hulse says, "The Strongest Version of Yourself".

I'm going to attach a video that has the complete narration of the full article for you to hear.