Friday, November 24, 2017

November 2017 Issue

Hello again readers here is the newest issue of the zine. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy...

                     Nov 2017- "Evil is Evil: A brief look into Fascism and Communism"

  I wanted to dive into an issue that needs to be address. Which of the two is the greater evil, is it the Communist Regime or the Fascist Regime? If I was going to give a proper assessment on the issue I would say both are responsible for horrible deeds and are evil. Fascism provided one of the biggest known atrocities in the world "The Holocaust" that was advocated by Adolf Hitler. Most believe this event caused the death of 6 million Jews along with many other deaths that included: gypsies, homosexuals, anyone who opposed the Nazi regime, Russians, Slavs, the physically and mentally handicapped, as well as all the war time casualties that cause the soils to be soaked with blood. While this event was tragic and one of the worst events in history why does the atrocities of Communism seem to get a pass? Even though there is an ample amount of evidence of the atrocities that were done under this regime. It's thought that between all the Communist regimes that 100 million people have been killed due to the rhetoric of one Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels and their "Communist  Manifesto". How can one look the other way with all the deaths caused by the mass genocides of firing squads, gulags, and famine? It seems that throughout time the idea of Cultural Marxism has been soaked into the pores of mainstream media and throughout the education system.Thus basically covering over the evils that were done by these Totalitarian regimes and giving them a popular face in the mainstream.One might look at the "Frankfurt School" for being the first to bring this into college classrooms (see Andrew Breitbart's book "Righteous Indignation" on this issue). The propaganda machine just keeps going by painting these villains as heroes. For example Che Guevara is said to be a revolutionary hero on the shirts worn by trendy hipsters and punks. Yet most don't seem to realize that he was responsible for the deaths of many innocent men, women, children, and the elderly. The same man who had plans to bomb buildings in New York was welcomed with open arms except by Gladys Perez ,who had a knife intended to end the murderous assassin."The knife was meant for the assassin" she said as she was taken away by police. Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello considers Che to be a fifth member of the band without realizing that Che considered rock music to be bourgeoisie and that he would have locked him and the rest of his band up in re education camps. The press also love to jump on the Communist bandwagon making men like Joseph Staling out to be saints even calling him "Uncle Joe". One of those reporters was Walter Duranty who pretty much covered up the mass famine that was going on in the Ukraine and Soviet Union along with all the deaths in the gulags and the seven million killed by the Soviet Death Squads. Others like Pol Pot and Mao Zedong led genocides that would also wipe out millions of their own people for the greater good? The scary thing is the term politically correct, that a lot of Social Justice Warriors parade around saying, was coined by the murderous Mao. The quote being "Not to have a correct political point of view is like having no soul." I guess that's why Mao had an easy time killing millions of his own people if they didn't share his view. To sum everything up I think people need to go out and research all of these things. I'm not against people having opposing view points,but parading around spewing the rhetoric of evil dictators whether its Fascist or Marxist in nature can be dangerous. Stalin referred to these people as useful idiots, tip of advice don't be a useful idiot question everything.Don't trust everything that is said at face value look into it!  Otherwise you might be pissing away your liberties without even knowing it. As Mao Zedong would say "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Lets not let evil leaders point their guns at us.

For more info on some of the things I mentioned and for further information read the following books:

"Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the useful idiots who idolize him" by Humberto Fontova
"Righteous Indignation" Andrew Breitbart
"Gulag" by Ann Applebaum
"Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
"The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"  William L. Shirer
"Surviving the Killing Fields" Haing S. Ngor and Roger Warner
"Mao: The Unknown Story" by Jung Chang

Links to 10 books about the Holocaust that you've never read:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween Issue 2017

We are approaching the fall season my favorite time of year.I decided to review one of my favorite albums,and one I usually like listening to during the fall/Halloween season. So here it is enjoy readers:

                               Oct Issue-Type o Negative "Bloody Kisses" LP

   As fall approaches I decided to review this classic album from Type O Negative,that fits perfectly with the Halloween and fall season. Type O Negative's third album brought the band out of the metal underground and into the mainstream. This album is a brilliant mix of Gothic metal, doom and hardcore punk that has lyrics ranging from depression, suicide and blatant sarcasm. "Christian Women" and "Black No 1" have the perfect amount of catchiness to sing along with and the perfect amount of heaviness to bang your head to. "Kill all the White People" and "We Hate Everyone" are more along the lines of the late Peter Steele's former band "Carnivore"that have more of a fast paced hardcore/punk sound .The band's cover of Seals and Crofts "Summer Breeze" was ingeniously done taking a more happier sounding song and transforming it into a much darker sounding orchestration. "Sets me on Fire" is definitely "Beatles" worship done well with it's late 60s/70s vibe and wah driven guitar sound in the breaks. My two favorite tracks are the title track which is dark goth doom metal masterpiece.This is also the first song I ever heard from the band in general. The dark organ intro, the distorted bass, screaming sustain of the guitar solo, and the primitive, powerful, yet somber pace of the drums that keep it all together make for a winning combination.My other favorite track "I Can't Lose You" is a more melancholy composition with an emotionally driven sitar piece that flows well with the music and Steele's baritone voice crooning throughout the song. This album is a win all the way and the musicians themselves prove to be the perfect match. There will never be another band like it and I want to take the time to thank them for their influence and for creating this timeless masterpiece
Thank you: Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Sal Abruscato, Johnny Kelly and the green man Pete Steele-R.I.P. 1962-2010.

Want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween/Samhain.

Sept 2017 Issue

Sorry for the delay readers! September has been a busy month for me,but here is the Sept and Oct issues of the web zine:

                      Sept Issue- The Alex Jones Prison Planet "Crush the Parasites" EP

  The man, the myth, the legend, and now the vocalist for the "Alex Jones Prison Planet"... Well not exactly the vocalist, but close enough. The legend Alex Jones has been known in the conspiracy world for years now. The creator and driving force behind the "Info Wars" brand Jones has tackled issues such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, The Illuminati, and many more. Now his famous rants have been sampled and used in places of vocals for the Alex Jones Prison Planet. The Waterbury Connecticut brutal death project actually supplies killer tunes alongside the crazed rants of Jones. The drum programming and guitars sound tight and on point with decent production. My favorite moment is on the guitar break after Jones yells on the "Gloves Are off" followed by Jones going off fits perfectly! The demon noises he makes on "Goblet of Death" works well and definitely made me laugh. While some might just brush this aside as some gimmick I actually think this is quite ingenious. This is one of the more original projects I've heard all year in my honest opinion. "Excuse Me".

Check them out at-

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug 2017 Issue

Hello to all the readers I hope everything has been well. I decided to actually get it together and release this issue on time for once. I will begin working on the September-December issues very soon, but here is the August 2017 issue of the zine.

                       Aug Issue  "Observation of Richi Jones playing Baker Street"

  I recently stumbled upon this video while I was listening to the original version that was recorded by "Gerry Rafferty". The scenario in this video is of a young man named Richi Jones playing this song at what looks like a corporate awards dinner. I wanted to point out a few things I noticed in this video. One: the kid plays his heart out to an audience who could care less. Two: the soullessness of the crowd can be depicted right off bat. It's just another company dinner with corporate cronies who probably hate each other and are making mindless small talk, having nothing in common except using each other for their own greedy gains. I could be just digging deep on that one and jumping to conclusions, but I've worked company dinner events and that scenario isn't far from the truth. Third: Richi stops in between to take a drink and no even realizes that he's stopped. The look on his face is that of someone who can tell no one is even bothering to listen maybe with the exception of whoever filmed this. Lastly: after he finishes playing the last note not one person claps, cheers, or even boos. It's gives you the distinction that they don't even realize he exists or that he's talented. The video fits with the sadness of the original song's message and shows talent and genius falling on the deaf ears of the masses. I hope Richi gets to play to an audience who actually appreciates him. A few fun facts about the song that are almost as crazy. The original musician who played the memorable sax solo on the original recording "Raphael Ravenscroft" was paid a mere £27( 34 us dollars). He never received any other royalties for the song and the check he originally received bounced. While "Gerry Rafferty" literally made a million a year on the songs royalties even until his death. While both Rafferty and Ravenscroft have passed away since the legacy of this song continues to live to this day.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2017 Issue

                                           July Issue "Pure Moods" Soundtrack

  Pure Moods is a soundtrack which showcases various artists from the nineties new age, ambient , and electronic movements i.e: Enigma, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Dj Dabo, Mark Isham and more. The perfect collection to listen to when wanting to relax and needing to take a break from the chaotic world. There are definitely songs on here that people are more than  familiar with such as Enigma's "Return to Innocence" and "Sadness Pt 1", Enya's "Orinoco Flow" and "Tubular Bells Part 1" the classic piece used for the Exorcist. DJ Dabo does an excellent job at recreating the famous theme from "The X-Files" and I also enjoyed the Native American themed track entitled "Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity)."This music is ageless and in my personal opinion can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you find a copy I suggest picking it up and absorbing the sounds of peace and harmony.

June 2017 Issue

To all the readers. I had a busy week and didn't get the chance to post this until now. So here is the June Issue and I'll post the July issue as well. Enjoy..

                                June Issue: Peter Sotos "Buyers Market" Review

  Peter Sotos the man who some call the modern day Marquis De Sade is a writer and musician. He is best known for his work in the band Whitehouse and was formerly a writer for the Pure magazine. This is the 1992 first album released under his own name and this is everything that vile nightmares are made of. Compiling a collage of samples from parents, law enforcement, and victims of sex crimes there is nothing musical about this album at all. This is more like an audio book per say and I  think adding some type of noise or sounds under the samples would have given it some more dynamic i.e. Nicole 12. What it doesn't provide in sound it does provide in mentally scaring the listener. I've read, watched and listened to a lot of extreme things, but this one definitely trumps over all of it, maybe with the exception of "The Serbian Film". From what I've read on Sotos himself his writings were a way for him to put himself in the shoes of serial killers and sexual predators more like a sick twisted fantasy. Sotos himself has a history of weird sexual fantasies and was convinced of possessing child pornography back in 1986. In one way I like how he points out the media's exploitation concerning victims of sexual abuse. As they basically are looking for a story and not concerned with the victims well being as well as exposing people who used the scenarios of sexual abuse to their advantage when they aren't actually victims. This just adds more emphasis to things that were and have been going on for far to long and need to stop. So while some might see this as sick, twisted, and perverse(I honestly can't blame them.) I think the truth behind it is something that shouldn't be ignored. Now this release is definitely not for everyone and if you don't have a strong constitution I recommend not  listening to it. I personally was almost in tears especially on the clip of a girl crying "Mommy Mommy I want my Mommy". I listened and wrote this review after recently discovering Sotos, but I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever listen to this again.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 2017 Issue

Now here is the May issue:

UxDxSx "Too Fast for love" EP

  A lot of newer grind to me is not very impressive, but I recentely was introduced to Coopenhagen Denmark's UxDxSx through my friend Ed from Sparse. This four piece goregrind outfit knows how to make an impression with their debut "Too Fast For Love"(yes the same name as the Motley Crue debut, but on a whole other spectrum).  This album has all the makings of a good grind release punky grooves, merciless blasts, catchy guitar riffs, and various vocal types that dominate the nine original tracks on this album. The band takes a stab at some covers on this album as well. Their renditions of Rabid Dogs "Mangled" and Turbonegros "Denim Demon" are executed very well in my opinon. The biggest thing that caught my attention was the composition of the songs and the recording quality. I hate the attitude that a recording needs to have horrible sound quality to be consider true grind. I like being able to hear the instruments and vocals clearly  with being able to distinguish what's all happening. Definitely a release I recommend checking out.