Tuesday, April 18, 2017

March Issue "Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate History"

I apologize for the March issue being late. This past month has been a very busy one for me. I decided for this issue to post the official history of my main musical endeavor "Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate". Enjoy readers..

March 2017 Issue:

  Since the beginning of this year I've been thinking a lot about the music.I've made in the past and the current music I'm currently working on. I've been involved in a lot of bands and projects over the years. Recently though, I haven't had the opportunity to give a lot of interviews or have band bios and pages like I did in the past. So I decided for this issue to go into brief detail on my main endeavor Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate, for anyone who is curious. Since there really isn't a lot of information about the band as a whole, I wanted to set things straight about the bands history. I formed the band in the winter of 2013 along with brothers Justin(drums) and Josh(guitar) Williams after the demise of Justin and I's other band Panspermia. We would play our first show at the Pre INC Fest in Jacksonville in January of 2014. The lineup would change several times.Josh left the band and I would take over the guitars and do vocals. Justin left after a time and I enlisted the help of my friend and former Panspermia band mate Dave Carrin(drums). I decided to move to Houston Texas in 2016 and would join forces with Frank(drums) and Seattle(vocals) of Cryptic Void and Turbokrieg. After jamming a few short months we would play our first gig with PLF,DOME, Battle Rifle, and Turbokrieg. Carlos(bass) formerly of Dethroned, would join the band later in the year making the first complete lineup. Seattle left the band in early 2017 and we have decided to stay a three piece for the time being. We've played a decent amount of shows and have a impressive collection of releases. Our music ranges from noisecore on the earlier material, grindcore for the middle and current period, and we've even done a few experimental electronic releases as well.

Most of these releases can be found and ordered from me directly at: 


Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate in 2017 are:

Joe-guitar/vocals (2013-present)

Frank-drums (2016-present)



Justin-drums/vocals/samples( 2013-2015, 2016)

Dave-drums (2015-2016)



Gory Maiden (Comp Release)

Split with Gangrene DIscharge(net release)

Split with Bowel Rot(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Death Orchestrations and Apocalyptic Hymns( Exalted Woe Records)

3 way split with Enterrohagia and Chamber of Tapeworms(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Split with Guinea Pig(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Split with Corvid Canine(Abstract Orchestrations)

Split with MDFL(Abstract Orchestrations)

Split with Los Reyesz Bong Death(Abstract Orchestrations)

4 way elecronic split with Undocumented Dweller, Garsnorkskish Vrendipular and Aesthetic Alien Agenda

Cute and Cuddly Kittens vs Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate split(net release)

Coming Soon:

Split with Nibiru

Split with Aputasos and Negative Graves (Kitchen Vomit Records)

To end this off I want to thank anyone who has supported us and anyone that has helped us along the way. It will never be forgotten and is much appreciated. See you guys soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feb 2017 Issue

Hello readers,

Here is the newest issue of the zine. Enjoy!!

                                  Feb 2017 Issue "The Iron" by Henry Rollins:

  I decided for this month's issue to tackle an article that I read sometime last year by musician and writer Henry Rollins. I knew that Rollins was definitely into fitness by his impressive physique, but I didn't know much on the back story of it. I dived into the article and found out that in his youth through the help of his advisor Mr.Pepperman. Mr. Pepperman would show him the ropes on working out by showing him 10  different weight lifting exercises to help build his physique. These exercises didn't only help build his physical appearance, but also helped build his mental and emotional character as well. I became interested in working out in 2011, but honestly didn't take it seriously until about a year ago when I moved to Texas. I started to research and went full force into it. Learning a lot and still learning even now! The benefits and discipline the iron has taught me has helped shape me into a better person and taught me a lot about life as well. When something seems like it can't be done you have to get back up, try again, and work hard at it. When I first read the article tears almost came to my eyes because the scenario of Rollins' youth reminded me a lot like my own minus the fact that I wasn't as lucky to have an advisor like Mr.Pepperman to help me along the way. I had to carry my own and with my own dedication and drive I've taken myself to places I never thought I would be. For me it isn't about posing in the mirror and a social scene, fitness for me has helped me feel better as a person by achieving what I thought I could never even do. I often like to work out alone with no music just myself, the weights, and solitude. It helps me clear my mind and gets in me in the mode for the workout that awaits. I've applied the training and discipline to my everyday life and other obstacles and its definitely been the biggest benefit that I've ever known. I've been through both aspects: from not training to partying and not taking care of myself to training and taking care of myself through strengthening of the health, mind, body, and soul. I will take the latter always and continue to become, as Elliot Hulse says, "The Strongest Version of Yourself".

I'm going to attach a video that has the complete narration of the full article for you to hear.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2017 Issue

Hello to all the readers, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that you guys all had a great holiday as well. I want to send positive vibes to all...

Now here is my first review of the new year. Positive vibes to all...

The Fartz "Because this world still fucking stinks" compilation

   Thanks to a post I saw, I recently discovered former Seattle punk/hardcore band "The Fartz.""The Fartz" were one of the first well known hardcore punk bands to emerge from the scene in the early 1980s. They would get label support through "Dead Kennedy's" front man Jello Biafra's label "Alternative Tentacles." I decided to tackle the anthology "Because this world still fucking stinks" since it basically showcased all  of the bands various 7 inches and eps in their short history. This also features appearances from all the members including "Acussed" vocalist Blaine Cook and "Guns and Roses" bassist Duff Mckagan. Dirty, raw, fast, and heavy music with politically charged lyrics tackling issues such as sexism, racism, and unjust political and religious ideals. The Fartz would make an impact in their short three year existence as a group. Catchy grooves, snotty bass lines, dirty sounding guitar, and  snotty vocals just makes everything about this release a great addition to any punk rock or hardcore fan's collection.The early stuff adopts to a more fast punk approach while later material still keeps the punk spirit. It trends on a bit more of a heavier and darker feel musically and vocally.  I love the raw emotion that I feel when I was listening to this collection. It reminded me of dirty basements reeking of the smell of beer and vomit while tons of punk rockers mosh to the chaos of the musical assault. I'm glad I got around to hearing about this band. I will definitely be jamming to this one for a bit!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dec Issue last issue of 2016

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Its been a crazy and busy year for me, and I can't wait for the new things that await for next year! To close out the year here is the Dec issue of the zine:

Dec Issue Carcass "Necroticism"

  Carcass are known for being the purveyors of the goregrind genre. They would later abandoned it to focus on a more melodic death metal sound like on "Heartwork." While on "Swan Song" it was more of a death and roll recording.Their first break from the goregrind sound of the early works was on "Necroticism." Its crushing heaviness  amidst the melodies and the dual vocal assault of Jeff Walker and Bill Steer definitely make this a death metal classic. The one thing I like about Carcass is they add groove to a lot of their songs to break from the tension of the blasts. The harmonies interweave in the mix making it more dynamic!  I enjoyed the later albums as well as the early ones. For me"Necroticism's" song writing, production and the musical ability of all the members was done just perfect.  I enjoyed the album in my youth, but didn't appreciate it as much as I do now.  I was more into "Reek of Putrefaction" and "Symphonies of Sickness" at that time. After hearing the album  for the first time again in several years I enjoyed it from start to finish. If you haven't heard this record yet get out from under the rock that your living under and put this one on nice and loud. Tracks to check out from the album are "Corporal Jigsaw Quandary," "Inpropagation," "Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition," and "Incarnate Solvent Abuse." As I mentioned earlier in this review,  listening to this from start to finish gives it a more menacing effect!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nov Issue

Before I post this next issue I wanted to say I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. The year is almost over and only two more issues are left. Now going forward here is the Nov issue enjoy:

 Nov Issue: Earthside "A Dream in Static"

  New England music collective Earthside brings forth a breath of fresh air with their debut album " A Dream in Static." The album  is more of a journey than it is an album.You can feel the sense of emotion being brought with every note being hit. It has a very cinematic  and orchestral feel to it and laden with elegant post rockish melodies and  mixed with prog metal heaviness. The album is divided between instrumental tracks and songs featuring vocals on the following tracks: "Mob Mentality" (Lajon Witherspoon), "Entering The Light" (feat. Max ZT), "Crater" (Bj√∂rn Strid), "Contemplation Of The Beautiful" (Eric Zirlinger). The title track featuring  (Daniel Tompkins)  is my favorite on the whole album. Both "Mob Mentality" and "Entering the light" also feature "The Moscow Studio Orchestra" who definitely give an epic feel to the tracks. The vocals help out, but I feel like these guys could go solely instrumental and still make killer records. The diversity and creativity among the members of the group help create timeless pieces that will last for times to come. I hope to see good things come from this band  and see them create more timeless music in the near future..
check out Earthside @ http://earthsideband.com/

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sept and Oct Issues Pt 2

In the spirit of Halloween here is the Oct issue!

   Oct Issue: Tales of Halloween

 I recently discovered this film not to long ago and was a bit skeptical of it at first. I've always been a big fan of Halloween based horror anthologies. Though the more recent films have been disappointing. Surprisingly "Tales of Halloween"  was actually a pretty enjoyable watch. Each of the stories varying from tales of demon children, to witches, aliens, serial killers, demons and a killer pumpkin?? With a different spin each time from the ten different directors that took part in the creation of this film. Different perspectives of the directors gave it an"Tales from the Crypt" or "Masters of Horror" type vibe. Mixing the stories up with more of a darker comedy vibe such as "Friday the 31st" and "This Means War" broke the tension from the more darker tales like " Trick" and the "Weak and the Wicked" and just gave the film a bit more variety. Now for me the classic anthologies will always be "Tales from the Dark side,", "Creepshow," and "Trick R Treat." "Tales of Halloween" stands its ground and adds another collection of creepy tales to the tradition of all hallows eve.

Sept and Oct Issues pt 1.

To the readers I apologize for the delay on the issues coming out. For those that didn't know I turned 30 last month, and decided for the Sept issue to review the first album I ever received 18 years ago. So without further ado here is the Sept issue:

Metallica "Ride the Lighting"
   It feels like yesterday when about 18 years ago  I recieved my first introduction into heavy metal and later underground music. I remember on my 12th birthday being excited about recieving the "Ride the Lighting" CD.  I immediately popped the CD into the radio and hearing the clean melodic intro which would then burst into the heavy fast riff of "Fight Fire with Fire". It hit a nerve with me that has stuck with me to this day. Every time I hear that first riff of that song I just can't help but feel like I want to go ape shit. I feel like even though Metallica was already working on more commercial based material on this recording like tunes such as "Fade to Black" and even "Escape" they still made an impact with killer thrash numbers like "Trapped under ice", "Ride the Lighting", "Creeping Death" and "Fight Fire with Fire". "The Call of Kthulu" is an instrumental masterpiece and is a great ending for this record. Its beauty and mystery meshes well with the dark and heavy. While I enjoy "Kill em all" and "Master of Puppets", "Ride the Lightning" will continue to be my favorite of the classic three. Mainly for its intensity as well as its creativity in the songwriting. I have to give respect to Metallica regardless of what their currently doing or even if the music they create now isn't to my taste. They continued to innovate, create, and still continue to do what they love to do no matter the obstacles. Most bands are vanquished in little time, but Metallica continues to go forward and inspire. They inspired me to look forward and to realize I wasn't alone, that because I didn't follow what was normal made me an individual and would pave the way for the creative path I took. This album will always be one of my favorites no matter how much time passes.