Monday, September 5, 2016

Flowers for BodySnatchers "Aokigahara"LP Review

I apologize to the readers for the Aug issue being late. I'm currently preparing for a Sept issue which should be up in the next week or so. Better late than never, here is the Aug issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.

Flowers for BodySnatchers "Aokigahara"LP 

  This artist and this release had to be one of my favorites from last year and might actually be one of my favorite dark ambient releases of all time. Australia's Flowers for Bodysnatchers mastermind Duncan Ritchie not only knows how to compose and arrange music, he knows how to tell a story and give a sense of emotion to it. The themes in this release entitled "Aokigahara" (the famed Suicide Woods of Japan) give off the vibes of  darkness, sadness, and the unknowing tension of whether or not the person will carry out their end after the completion of their journey. I feel personally that in the darkness some hope may still reside, but its up to the traveler if he/she is willing to start over. Haunting atmospheres and beautiful yet melancholy piano lines are at the forefront of the compositions that make up this recording along with chants and other haunting sounds. Almost similar to the real life woods the recording is based off of this album definitely gives off a very dynamic feel where beauty meets beast, order meets chaos and  life meets death . I feel with these ambient releases they are best listened to from start to finish to give the over all feel or message the album is trying to portray. I recently found out that Richie is working on new compositions and has a new album in the works. I look forward to hearing his new works, but "Aokigahara" will always hit a nerve with me.