Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Final issue of 2017

Hello readers here is the final issue of 2017. This has been a crazy year,but I'm definitely looking forward to the new year! I will have updates concerning the web zine and other endeavors that I'll be involved with. So without further a do here is the December issue.

                                 Beyond Sensory Experience "The End of it All"

 I have reviewed Beyond Sensory Experience in the past and when I found out they were still active and created another album back in 2016 I decided to jump on the opportunity to review it! Beyond Sensory Experience continues to carry the torch as dark ambient masterminds with their latest album "The end of it all". This sonic landscape of dark atmospheres, sampled voices, and creepy undertones (courtesy of composers K.Meizter and M.Drakh) taking the listener on a dark journey through the rabbit hole and into the dark realm of existence. I love how these guys take the time to make sure every beat, sound, and nuance is just right. These guys would be perfect as far as composing for anything science fiction, horror, or anything generally in the abstract genres. Every album is a progression and I can tell these guys have grown not only as musicians, but as composers as well. If dark ambient is considered the new age of classical these guys are definitely in the high ranks.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas,Happy Holiday, and a Happy New Year. See you guys next year.