Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hotel Neon "Self Titled" Cassette EP Review

Hotel Neon “Self Titled” Cassette EP

 Baltimore Maryland’s Hotel Neon, ( which is comprised of  twin brothers Michael and Andrew Tasselmyer), came together to record this 7 song album of hypnotic and inspiring drones that draws the listener in, with a variety of sounds and melodies all created with various guitars and effects. When I listened to this the first time, all I could imagine was sitting on a mountain inhaling fresh air, taken away from the chaos of the modern world. I felt very much at peace when I listened to this album. It’s beautiful and majestic, but it also has a very melancholy sound, depending on how you perceive it from listening. I could definitely see this being played in the back drop for various scenes, from the dark galaxy of space, to the illuminating skies shinning on mountain tops. To all the drone and ambient enthusiasts, definitely recommend this for you…