Friday, July 3, 2015

Lamb "The Gospel According to Biff" Review

 The last month has been extremely busy with touring and other musical endeavors, but I haven't forgotten about posting up the next issue for the zine so here it is!!! Enjoy!!

Lamb "The Gospel According to Biff"  by Christopher Moore

 The lost chapter of one of history’s most intriguing and controversial figures, Jesus Christ, is told by none other than Christopher Moore. After hearing about this, I was intrigued by the plotline and decided to read the story.  After diving into the book, I couldn't put it down!! Although a work of fiction, it strangely makes a lot of sense after reading.  If you know anything, or were raised Catholic like myself, you would know that the Bible touches only on the birth, brief childhood and later/final years of Christ.  This book details the missing chapter told by Jesus's friend known as Biff, who is in my opinion, a character more based on himself. Biff provides the comedy relief, and is the troublesome, “slacker” friend of Christ.  However, as troublesome as he is, Biff stands by Christ till the end of his life. The story touches on their journey to the Far East, to seek wisdom from the three wise men and obtain the knowledge for the mission Christ was sent to achieve.  Moore did a great job researching for this story giving it an almost non- fiction quality.  Will we ever truly know what the mid period of Christ's life was like?  If you read this book, it might give you closure, or just give you an entertaining story to read, either way I recommend checking this book out as well.