Wednesday, April 24, 2013

March/April Issue Posted

April has been a busy month so it's taken some time for us to post this issue, but here it is!! I hope everyone enjoys it.The issue contains the following:

Reviews by Joe:

Gaul "Self Titled" EP, Sexual Atrocities" Planet of the Rapes"LP, Arktau Eos "Unworeldes" LP Review and Lustmord " The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" LP Review

Poems by Joe:

Disorder, Chaos, Repeat and State of Disarray

Poems by Masami

Arrows, The Sleeping Calendar and Gallivants

Have ideas composed for the May/June issue stay tuned...



The young captain’s ship softly sleeps at the docks, that smell of wine & rum. Where he writes of the trailing escapades of which the sailors sung! For he knows seldom but this land of birth, as conversation is the caravan in which he travels, Inking photographs of sound, for these lively streets are the theater he's found, & the gargoyles lean in to listen... Pitching lines in the pub, & I starve to state the words they sense, for they cannot be heard. Sculpted in stone & fated to lie like a seraphim slain in its cradle, but when will the noose of Odin be severed with the blade of wisdom's dagger?! As the crows oracle is only felt at the flashback of midnight's peak! Oh daybreak, you are but a dancer in the shadows of this ballroom. Unbridled by the lusts of a pure art! & you roam about in this quiet countryside like a headless heathen on the run, Stalked by the harrowing trigger of an impulsive marksman's gun. As funerals are the future... So, Come! Come! Celebrate & Gather! For these catacombs bear the pleasant air of a fragrant coffee shop.

The Sleeping Calendar

The Sleeping Calendar

Nostalgia scratches the days off a sleeping calendar. Tracing the butterflies in your stomach, But this sketch never appears to draw to a conclusion... & you'd found me writing in circles, of seasons the world forgot.Oh why must we travel to the ends of the earth when we return?! & I rest these reveries in the rain, but this chessboard remains at a stalemate, & Oh how the pawn ponders upon which square he shall wander? Stroking this snare to the rhythm of these velvet verses, & there we were on another holiday at the hangover hotel. Staggering with visions in the cities of Apollo, where alleyway artists revel in pungent pits of poetry & drunken thrones tumble like houses of cards. & so we traded in the records of our lives for a loaf of bread, but that won't be the final headline the newspapers said. For tomorrow we'll find ourselves far far away from these empty towns, laughing merrily on the rooftops!

State of Disarray

State of Disarray

Laying down looking into the white light with a reminiscing gaze, feeling as though the dream is meant to stay, wondering I will I get through the day. Locked in an endless sleep state, wondering what it is that I must instigate. Trapped in a maze, wandering aimlessly to find my way, lessons learned shall help me find the way.



Red hooded archers fasten their bows towards the skies, piercing the pride of a vulture slain..... & it was a revolt the people had wanted! Playing this war song to the beat of a premature end, but how the soldier sneers as he strokes his puzzled chin. Weary of another battlefield barraged with bullet casings & bitter brews... & so these fallen arrows retreat. Cast out like a scattered platoon in defeat!    

Disorder, Chaos, Repeat...

Disorder, Chaos, Repeat…

Mistakes are made, that remain to stay. Mistakes are grave, what else can I say. I look on and all I do is laugh. Repetition has made its place the last few days. Onlookers shout on in dismay. Retorting back in a state of distaste

Lustmord "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" LP Review

Lustmord “The Place where the Black Stars Hang” LP

Lustmord’s “The Place where the Black Stars Hang” is a definite must-have in any dark ambient fan’s collection. After spanning a 20 year career and appearing on various movie soundtracks, collaborations and recording various LP’s and EP’s Lustmord definitely understands the concept of dark ambience. The vibe I get off of this album is very space oriented or even cemetery oriented at some points. It gives the feeling of being in a crypt or being lost in the portal of space and time wondering if there is any escape. I really like the sounds used on this album.  They put you in a trance and give you many different feelings than just one when it comes to listening to these types of records. The added chants and wind instruments definitely make a difference as well!! Lustmord still continues to make music, do collaborations and works also on soundtracks. If you appreciate dark soundscapes this release is for you.

Arktau Eos "unworeldes" LP Review

Arktau Eos “Unworeldes” LP

Ritual ambient masters, Arktau Eos return with not one but Two LP’s that were both released in late 2012. The one I’m reviewing today, Unworeldess, is a sonic masterpiece of drone, world, and ritualistic style ambient. I like the fact that Arktau relies on various world and tribal instruments to create their dark soundscapes that are very reminiscent of meditative, shamanic music. Before I discuss the tracks, I definitely recommend listening to this or any ambient music with hi def headphones since it’ll pick up all the sounds a lot better on these opuses. The opening track, “The Cypress Watcher” creeps up on the listener with very low hints of drone followed by almost Tibetan style music.   Another track, “Cove of the Seven Winged,” begins with a wind instrument that gives a very dark, eerie beginning to the track, followed by what sounds to me almost like wind blowing in the background with hints of stringed instruments taking more to the background and not the foreground, “Black Leaf Gaze” also begins with wind instruments, but instead of fading in the sound for the start begins very loudly and also follows with more classical sounding strings giving it almost horror movie vibe to it. The closing track, “Geometry of Emptiness” begins with very dissonant tones that definitely fit for the album’s closing track. The track to me almost gives a feeling of longing for answers within the great portal of time and space. Arktau Eos never ceases to impress me, I really can’t wait to take a listen to the second release “Ioh-maera”.

Sexual Atrocities "Planet of the Rapes" LP Review

Sexual Atrocities “Planet of the Rapes” LP

Most of you probably knew them as Screaming Afterbirth, but after various member changes and a name change, the band now goes by Sexual Atrocities. With a new lineup and record after a long hiatus of recording, they have finally come out with their long awaited full length “Planet of the Rapes”.  Around 2008 and 2009, the band released a promo demo, which I have to admit was pretty exciting.  After a long time of nothing new since the split with Methadone Abortion Clinic, this was their first full length in a while. The band’s sound has always been pretty sick; punch your mother in the face gore/porno grind. It’s a mix of goofy song titles and samples mixed with decimating drums and slut slicing guitar and bass riffs topped with disgusting gutturals and pitch shifted vocals. What’s there not to like if you’re a fan of this type of music like myself!! I really liked the grooves and the power of the riffs especially in tunes like “Raped in a Clown Car”, “Fuck Face Dog Face”, “Drug Crazed Retards” and  “Feed us Fetus Fajitas”. SA takes the obvious influences of European and Mexican goregrind and throws a hint of death metal in the mix to create punishing and powerful tunes that are to be reckoned with!!! Even though the record crushes the live performance, this is where it’s at!! Check em out fuckers!!!!

Gaul "Self Titled" EP Review

  Gaul “Self titled” EP
I’ve heard a lot about Gaul before listening to this record, and after seeing them live, I was quite impressed by what I heard. The three piece outfit from Gainesville executes a fine mixture of black metal, doom, sludge and even post rock elements in their music. The vibe I got off the record was darkness, depression, despair and aggression all rolled into one. I like the band’s song structure of melodic passages followed by powerful doom and sludge heaviness. The chanting mantra on Departure was also pretty cool and added a ritualistic feel to the album. For me the melody seems to almost bring the heaviness out even better. The calm before the storm effect makes Gaul a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait for the LP!!!!