Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Issue is Up!!

 Its been a chaotic last couple of months,but here it is the first Cryptic Inscriptions issue of 2015!!! The article pertains to human communication being killed off by technology. The Einstein quote says its best!! Enjoy....

                                          Communication at a Loss

 Who would have ever thought that something so simple as a conversation would put us in danger of extinction? Not something many of us think about in this day in age with the brink of the technological breakthroughs and a  world at our finger tips which should breed knowledge, power and a sense of oneness which really  has left many of us lonely, distant and detached from each other. Things move fast and as they do we ourselves are slowly forgetting simple things such as family, friends, and just the simple notion of kindness and manners. Beyond the logical reasoning, there is even more to this. This might seem like a nostalgic memoir that connotes  the end of an era and the beginning of another, but the rule of thumb is simple.  We're talking about human evolution, and at this point, it's more of a regression than a progression. The development of the internet, Iphones and whatever means of technological communication in turn, has been developed to enhance our communication, and our connection to the world, which is literally at our fingertips. In the end, it leaves us imprisoned in our rooms, never taking the  opportunity to see the outside world. Talk to someone online for hours, see them in person or on the street, and never say a word to them. Basically where I’m getting at exactly if our basic skills are reduced to rubble we might as well cease to exist. The agenda has definitely been made clear, and at the end of the day, the human word and the needs of communication and unity can be a danger to many who are higher in power. In theory, I believe we are basically reliving the Tower of Babel once more, the closer we are to unity and success the more our superiors fear us. The analogy, simply put, is the more scattered and distant we are from each other, the more in control they are. The more the human spirit is killed the more of advantage they have. Unity has nothing to do with language at all, if the notions and the ideals are the same.  Whatever the language, we can all stand firm together. The more robotic you are, the easier it is to control .So before you send that next text or email think about it for a moment and go out and actually meet people instead of living in an artificial world that really doesn’t exist.