Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Issue of 2014 Posted!!!

First Cryptic Inscriptions Issue of 2014 is finally posted!!! This time around Masami has submitted two poems to the pile!!! We hope everyone enjoys!!!

Reviews by Joe-

Nihilist Commando "Noise Core Genocide" 2006 Demo, Black Hole of Calcutta "Self Titled" LP, Dead Horse "We Can Create Our Own Worlds" LP, Vomit Orchestra "Bridges Burnt" LP, Path to Death "Self Titled 2014"Demo, Motley Crue "Too Fast For Love" LP

Poems by Joe-

Restless, Hopeless and The Eyes

Poems by Masami-

The Shooting Gallery and Oracle of an Obsessive Orphan

That's all for now!! March/April issue in the works!!

Oracle of an Obsessive Orphan

                                    Oracle of an Obsessive Orphan

Placid complexion..... Whom among you is intimately acquainted with that subjective gargoyle in a benevolent disguise? Who's microphone was mute, arising in instant flashes of emotion! & detoxing in dull doorways of crumpled paper. As these fields of philosophy saunter on a racetrack of confusions. Quoting great minds but with little understanding of their words, & these normal notes are numbing, but jail birds always thrive on pulling one over on the warden. Funny how the facts were just another work of fiction, stiff as any loose limb, A mate to a mantis! & Our alchemy occurs in the echo of early hours, curious as caterpillars coiled on bluish broomsticks, welcoming this wanton cycles golden harvest!   

The Eyes

The Eyes

 Can’t help myself when I stare into the eyes, speechless I see many different things. Only through discovery can I figure out which ones are true. Onward I travel into the mysterious beyond. Attracted by beauty only to be detained by the savage beast! The eyes have imprisoned me will I ever break free?

The Shooting Gallery


                                                    The Shooting Gallery

“Still life” portrait, you've focused these cameras angles off your shooting gallery. As these nurses taped up that pale blue door so you could function as a physician to yourself, & The type sheets blank... Curious & clean, but are these notebooks numbered? For they seem taken away in a green eye of flirtations, redialing for relapse!& Your just so unable to label what we have. Betrothed as you are to the past, as our present moment seems but a mere pinprick, & those watermarks brushed past your cheeks in perfect strokes. Centered in a place as unstable as your folks, & these traveling cities sleep in cycles, where winters were warm.Resident to a flightless bird,& you were a dock of dopamine, nevermore now but a dream. For erasing is at first a gamble before it becomes an art, as these smudged stories of paper figures are collections of its proof, & those sewer rats were shy in barrels of sunlight, that territory where their wavelengths were out of tune, but oh how they were taken in by those moments of a simple pleasure. That sense of acceptance I have yet to unearth inside,for he'd always been a man of words rather then a man of the world. As those stories of his forefathers were the only sentences that seemed to strike a chord, dope sick & bored,& They've eaten away our ambitions. Leaving only one motive. Perhaps only mystics or the magi could relate, & obsessive patterns ink the blank stare of those walls containing this shooting gallery, oh how I wonder if this place will ever be closed?       



Restless, Hopeless

 Disconnected, feeling hopeless left pieces of myself in various places. Time awaits no one the master is the slave. Breathing in new life to discover your down at the bottom, to awaken one must see past the illusion.

Motley Crue "Too Fast For Love" LP Review

Motley Crue “Too Fast For Love” LP

 I still remember years ago being younger and seeing my sister’s cassette tape of Dr.Feelgood and wondering what and who this was? The demon face with the sword on the front cover got my attention and years later I would end up finding out more about Motley Crue and growing an appreciation of the band. I bought Dr.Feelgood around this time and also bought this album which is still one of my favorite records of all time. “Too Fast For Love” is basically an audio version of the band’s story of the recording, but it also marks the period of time the band was going through.  In a nutshell, living fast, dying young, and having no regrets. From the opening riff of “Live Wire” to the hook on “Public Enemy Number One,” I don’t think there’s a song on this record that I don’t like to be honest. The one thing about this record is you can tell the band was young and still very new- in a very good way. They just went in, hit record, and played, probably not even giving any thought that they would go anywhere.  They were just having fun being young, and seeking out trouble wherever they could find it. The band has complimented each other since the beginning, with the snotty bass lines of Nikki Sixx, the thunderous drumming of Tommy Lee, the insane guitar licks of Mick Mars, and Vince Neil’s ratty vocals. Sixx has a knack for writing catchy lyrics and songs, which he made apparent from this record onward. To sum things up, this record puts you in a state of nostalgia, remembering how it was to be young and not give a shit if you lived or died or if you became successful or what was happening tomorrow. You just lived in the moment and every time I hear this record it makes me think of that time. This will definitely be in my top 10 records of all time no matter what, and this record will always have a spot in my black heart.

Path to Death "Self Titled Demo 2014" Review

Path to Death “Self Titled Demo 2014”

 Tampa D-beat/Hardcore Punk act Path to Death recently recorded a nasty offering of noise/punk/ aggression, featuring members of other notable bands in the Tampa scene- Eating Machine, Von Dagger, Arablast, Blood Wave, and more.  The best part..?  No effects, no pro tools, no bullshit!   Just straight in your face, kick you in the teeth heaviness that seems to be lost in our current music scene. I’m not saying I hate things that have clear production, but recently, I’ve acquired a love for stuff that sounds like it was recorded with a microphone hanging in the room and everyone going off. The album’s feedback drive, raspy vocals, fast groovy drumming, and throat cutting riffs will be a favorite for fans of the Japanese/Swedish Noise Punk genres. In 9 minutes the band tears you apart and leaves you wondering what happened??

Vomit Orchestra "Bridges Burnt" LP Review

Vomit Orchestra “Bridges Burnt” LP 

Pennsylvania’s Vomit Orchestra offers up 11 tracks of abstract noisy, ambient pieces that will leave you feeling cold, disconnected, and in a trance. The dark atmospheres almost seem to signify movements of time going at a slow pace, seeing your life flash before you as you see the white light or the tunnel of darkness. I like the fact that the songs have a lo fi presence to them, which almost reminds me of an old record player going as a demon plays deep, dark melodies to entice the evil of the human soul. Various abstract sounds also paint various pictures of horrific images and menacing feelings. This is great horror movie soundtrack type stuff and a definite listen for fans of the dark ambient/experimental noise genre.

Dead Horse "We Can Create Our Own Worlds" LP Review

Dead Horse “We Can Create Our Own Worlds” LP

  I was recently introduced to this band in late 2013, and since then, I’ve been hooked. Pennsylvania post rocks, Dead Horse, have been at it since 2009 and have continued to tour and make records. The band’s atmospheric and melodious sound, clearly links it to other post rock groups like Braveyoung, God is an Astronaut, and Mogwai.  It leaves you feeling emotionally overwhelmed, almost similar to classical music. You can get so many different vibes from instrumental music, which-to me- makes it exceptionally great to listen to at times. The band’s marriage of effect laden guitars, solid bass and drums, and harmonious keyboards is a definite win situation in terms of this recording. The recording itself can almost make one shed tears of sadness, and also give you the feeling that the journey has only begun and is far from being over. The 7 tracks on this album are all great in their own respect and for me, Deadhorse has to be one of my new favorite bands.  Hopefully, they will keep doing what they’re doing for years to come.

Black Hole of Calcutta "Self Titled" LP Review

Black Hole of Calcutta “Self Titled” LP

  I recently acquired this from a friend of mine at a local show. From the front cover art, I could tell this was going to be a crusty/punk/grind type record and band. I popped it in the CD player and took a listen. I was quite impressed from what I heard and did a little research, only to find out that this band still exists! Black Hole of Calcutta offers up 14 tracks of punk laden grind – I’d say a sound like Assuck, Dropdead, Disrupt and Destroy with hints of black metal and atmospheric sludge that can be similar to Downfall of Gai and IsIs. The recording was done very well, but I also like the fact that the record itself has that live feel to it, not in the form of a poor recording , but a raw energy that was successfully captured while recording in the studio. I enjoyed the messages of mankind’s self induced apocalypse through corporate influence, organized religion, fast food, and destruction of the environment. I really like what they had to offer and I hope they keep at it. Check em out @

*Couldn't find the original album art so posted this instead.

Nihilist Commando"Noise Core Genocide " 2006 Demo Review

Nihilist Commando “Noise Core Genocide” 2006 Demo

  Mikko Aspa is the madman behind many different projects in the black metal, sludge/doom, power electronics, and grind scenes.  On top of being the head of Freak Animal Productions and partaking in the adult entertainment industry, Aspa decimates listeners with his noiscore project, Nihilist Commando. The 2006 demo entitled Noise Core Genocide is literally the best representation of what this release has to offer.  From start to finish, this album beats the listener into submission with its fast blasts, noise from guitars, bass, contact mics and who knows what else? The vocals-courtesy of Mikko-is a series of yells, grunts, and growls that puts the message of destruction clearly across. This is a must-have in any noisecore fan’s collection.  I would recommend this particular album to fans of old school Anal Cunt, Seven Minutes of Nausea, and noise era Insect Warfare.