Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nov Issue

Before I post this next issue I wanted to say I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. The year is almost over and only two more issues are left. Now going forward here is the Nov issue enjoy:

 Nov Issue: Earthside "A Dream in Static"

  New England music collective Earthside brings forth a breath of fresh air with their debut album " A Dream in Static." The album  is more of a journey than it is an album.You can feel the sense of emotion being brought with every note being hit. It has a very cinematic  and orchestral feel to it and laden with elegant post rockish melodies and  mixed with prog metal heaviness. The album is divided between instrumental tracks and songs featuring vocals on the following tracks: "Mob Mentality" (Lajon Witherspoon), "Entering The Light" (feat. Max ZT), "Crater" (Bj√∂rn Strid), "Contemplation Of The Beautiful" (Eric Zirlinger). The title track featuring  (Daniel Tompkins)  is my favorite on the whole album. Both "Mob Mentality" and "Entering the light" also feature "The Moscow Studio Orchestra" who definitely give an epic feel to the tracks. The vocals help out, but I feel like these guys could go solely instrumental and still make killer records. The diversity and creativity among the members of the group help create timeless pieces that will last for times to come. I hope to see good things come from this band  and see them create more timeless music in the near future..
check out Earthside @ http://earthsideband.com/