Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Naked City " Torture Garden" LP Review

Been enjoying my break so far,here is the review for Oct 2014

Naked City “Torture Garden” LP

 This classic thrash jazz ensemble, led by renowned composer/saxophonist, John Zorn, came together to put this schizophrenic, yet inspiring, masterpiece known as “Torture Garden”. This 42 song opus definitely breaks the boundaries of genre bending by switching up musical styles every few measures.  The mix goes from grind and hardcore punk to lounge jazz and swing. The titles match the weirdness of the music, such as “Eat shit Jazz Snob”, “Perfume of a Critics Burning Flesh” and  “ Osaka Bondage” . Zorn and company, along with crazed vocalist, Yamasuka Eye, definitely know what they were doing when they created this masterpiece. As confusing as it might be to some, it makes perfect sense for others. An open mind is recommended upon checking out this avant garde masterpiece.

Until Nov Happy Samhain...