Saturday, May 19, 2018

May Issue and Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate/Cryptic Void West Coast/Gulf Coast Tour Update

To all the readers:

I've been busy preparing for the upcoming tour with Cryptic Void with my band Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate. So I will not be posting up a new issue this month,but will be posting one up next month instead. Here are my thoughts before we hit the road in two weeks.

 It took many years and a lot of trial and error,so to finally get this off the ground feels like an accomplishment to me. All the previous bands and all the bullshit that led up to this was worth it.I'm also thankful that I get to work with three of the most amazing and dedicated musicians I've ever met.So much appreciation to Frank Faerman, Carlos Villareal, and Ed Martinez. You guys rule and I'm glad that we're getting to do this together!

 Our first show will be kicking off in Houston with all of our friends in DDA, God Fearing Fuck and Ullatec. Then will be hitting up a few more cities in Texas, Arizona,New Mexico,California, and ending everything off at the 719 Grind festival in Colorado Springs.We will have a ton of merch CDs, 7 inches, Shirts, and stickers at these shows too.So buy something and help us get to the next city your support will definitely help and be appreciated!

See you grinders and punks soon!