Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 2018 Issue

I wanted to let all the readers know that the Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate/Cryptic Void tour went well! I want to thank everyone who helped us out along the way. Whether it was giving us a place to stay, feeding us, or setting up the show. Also major kudos to anyone who bought merch and supported us in any way! Now without further a do here is the June Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.

                                     "And Yet" Essays by Christopher Hitchens.

   Love him or hate him, it goes without saying that Christopher Hitchens is one of the greatest orators of our time. I found myself captivated by his writings, even though I didn't agree with all the subject matter. I felt like his cynicism towards the holidays was a bit much at times. Yes, I agree that commercialism has taken over, and the real meaning of things have been swept aside,but sometimes you have to look past that in order to be a better person.I definitely enjoyed his piece on Ayann Hirsi Ali and her struggles of escaping from her radical Islamic upbringing. His pieces on Orwell were also very well written, and I enjoyed them very much. It definitely opened up my understandings of the origins of Orwell's thought process and his beliefs. I don't agree with him as far as Marxism and Che Guevara are concerned, but looking past that I can definitely appreciate his other works and respect his opinions.. I'm actually looking forward to picking up "God is not great" when I get the chance. It's a shame that he's not around anymore, but his writings will continue to live on.