Wednesday, June 11, 2014

May/June Issue Posted and Major Update

Alright here is the last and final issue of Cryptic Inscriptions!!! Hope everyone enjoys!! When I mean last and final issue I mean in this format. I'll be exclusively using this site to promote my writings i.e short stories, poems and the occasional review that I decide to post. My biggest goal is to start writing my first collection of memoirs that will be on random subjects and thoughts that I think of on a daily basis added with other ideas. I'll have more on this soon don't want to reveal to much and either not deliver due to time constraints ,but anyway for your reading pleasure here is the issue and what it features:


Excruciating Terror "Expression of Pain" LP, Breached Hull "Into the Black" EP, and Swans "Cop"LP


Swans "Cop" LP Review

Swans “Cop” LP

   Since the early 80s noise rock purveyors, Swans, have been decimating listeners from the get go, still continuing to push the boundaries of experimental music to this day. I decided to go to the beginning in the early years with this particular album “Cop”. This album, I’d have to say, is seriously one of the heaviest things I’ve heard recently.  It puts you under a sort of “hypnosis,” with its crushing dual bass, heavy guitar, droning drums, and the signature voice of front man and mastermind, Michael Gira.  The songs, for the most part, are one or two riffs continually played at droning slow speeds, making way for the twisted lyrical assault of Gira. If you’re looking for hooks or traditional structured music, this release isn’t for you. Swans paved the wave for many bands, and it’s good to see they’re still kicking it today.

Breached Hull "Into the Black" EP Review

Breached Hull "Into the Black" EP

  New York based power electronics band, “Breached Hull,” makes a crushing impact with their debut EP “Into the Black”. The Event Horizon- inspired album surges 7 pieces of sound destruction, with crushing loops, dark atmospheres, aggressive vocals, and various samples from the film that inspired its creation. When I listen to this, I feel as though a spaceship is about to crush into the atmosphere and dissolve away in the outer realms of chaos to be lost forever. Breached Hull definitely sets themselves apart from other bands in the power electronics genre. They keep you locked in while at the same destroying every part of your being, leaving you feeling lost in the deep regions of space and time.

Excruciating Terror "Expression of Pain" LP Review

Excruciating Terror “Expression of Pain” LP

   Excruciating Terror’s “Expression of Pain” is a must in any old school crust or grind core fan’s collection. The band destroys the listener with its skull crushing blasts, thrash/punk skank beats, and chainsaw slicing riffs. The one thing I liked was the vocals, which combines high screams with gurgling lows that have its own distinct sound when compared to a lot of other bands in this genre.  I also liked the band’s message of political unrest and social disorder that makes its way into the song titles.  I haven’t been listening to a lot of grind lately, but these guys have been making the rounds on my listening schedule as of late. Great record, great band,also glad that they reunited and can't wait to hear what they have in store for the future!!!! For fans of Insect Warfare, Assuck and old school Napalm Death.