Sunday, April 29, 2018

March and April Issue Pt 2

Here is the April issue enjoy...

                                Henry Rollins "The First Five" book review

The first five is a collection of poems and essays by Black Flag front man, Henry Rollins. They are written more like a diary combining various experiences that happened over the course of time. The cynicism and anger is definitely felt after every turn of the page. Some of the feelings I can relate to,such as not being understood, or feeling alone and angry at the world. Other times, I almost wish I could of pulled young Henry aside and told him everything is going to be ok. It's astonishing that someone who has inspired others, whether in music, or through some of his quotes and writing, could be so hard on himself and think that he was just a grain of sand on the beach that will never be noticed. I'm sure age has changed Rollins in a way that he has gone above and beyond success, for someone who started as a young punk rock musician.I will say age hasn't slowed him down, even when I saw him live a few years ago. You could still see the intensity in his eyes. The car is going 100 miles per hr and its not stopping for anything or anyone. If you want to get a glimpse of the life of Rollins, I definitely recommend checking this book out.

March and April Issues Pt 1

To all the readers, I want to apologize for these last two issues being late. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on and have been busy with my band Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate as well. First off here is the March issue, a long awaited review that I didn't get the chance to get to but finally put it together!

  Captain Three Leg vs DSM split review

This split release features two of the Midwest's finest in the current scene of heavy music. First up, is long time running band Captain Three Leg, who delivers nineteen tracks of catchy hardcore punk/noise-core. The lyrics  are tainted with sarcasm and humor, which is definitely apparent in the song titles such as: "Suburban Satanists", "Lyric Sheet Included",  and "White Girls with Ukuleles". I enjoyed the catchy riffs that groove and complement the bursts of noise-core that follow. The instruments and vocals are blended well in the recording, but the bass tone hands down is my favorite as far as the recording quality goes.I like that C3L incorporates instrumental tracks along with their vocal laden tracks. It adds a different dynamic that I think a lot of other bands should take note of.

DSM serves up ten tracks of angry sludge/grind-violence that crushes you like a bulldozer with the angry driver going on a rant. I like the grittiness of the recording, and the mixed back and forth vocal assault between the duo. The slow parts crush and add a dark heavy aspect that's followed by bursts of fast paced mayhem. There's even a bit of a black metal feel that is definitely apparent on tracks like "Ape Hive". It gives off a feeling of isolation and anger that can erupt at any second without warning.  The noise track "Cud" is dark and adds a haunting apocalyptic feel to close off the release.

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