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July/Aug Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

Once again we apologize for the delay in the July issue.So for your pleasure we have the July/Aug issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.Here's what lies within this issue:

Interviews: Abnormality, Nordvargr,Shitstorm and Jesus Crost

Reviews:Abnormality "The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion" EP, Jesus Crost "010" LP, Anal Cunt "Morbid Florist" EP, Nordvargr "Pyrrhula" LP, Shitstorm/Conga Fury "Split 7" Inch and All Hail the Transcending Ghost "Self Titled" LP

Working on a Sept/Oct issue.For now enjoy this one... Thanks to all the bands who participated in this issue.

Joe and Ashley Cryptic Inscriptions

All Hail The Transcending Ghost "Self Titled" LP Review

All Hail the Transcending Ghost Self titled LP:

Does the soul really transcend when we die or once when the heart ceases to tick do we just simply end? I prefer the prior when it comes to that sort of thing, and the self titled LP of All Hail the Transcending Ghost demonstrates the best audio depiction of the soul leaving the body. The haunting audio depiction courtesy of Henrik Nordvargr(Mz412,Nordvargr,Folkstorm) on electronics and Tim Bertilsson (Switchblade) on guitars, leaves you in a lifeless trance hoping to seek light at the end of the dark tunnel. The album is laden with various samples,voices and soundscapes that mix well with the cold dark guitar lines that follow. The guitar is more of a soundscape device on this recording than an actual instrument. Which by all means I’m not bashing at all.I think it was genius to rely on various guitar effects and feedback to help add an edge to the already dark soundscape. The only complaint I have is the fact that only two songs are titled (Intornater and Breaking the Seals of Scattered Hope) and the rest are all untitled. I ‘m sure there was reasoning behind this, but to me I wish they would have titled the rest of the songs. I definitely recommend picking this up though; I haven’t stopped listening to this album ever since I heard about it back in late 2009 when it was released. Your soul may find the peace it is seeking from beyond…

Shitstorm/Conga Fury "Split 7 inch" Review

Shitstorm/Conga Fury split 7 inch.

I’m not going to lie I’ve been really waiting to check out this release since I heard about it back in 2009. I’ve been a big fan of Shitstorm since the early days and to hear that they did a split with Japan’s Conga Fury I immediately wanted to check this out. This release is the perfect marriage of grindcore and noisy hardcore punk. Conga Fury serves up 4 tracks of no holds barred noisy punk rock. I like to describe it in the vein of Disclose but a bit heavier, soaked with the obvious social political stance on things with songs like “True News” and “Why”. Shitstorm serves up 6 tracks that just beat you down to the ground in a matter of minutes leaving you bloody and helpless. Their pure grindcore attack mixed with lyrics dealing with the war on terror and drugs with titles such as “Child Solider”, “Never ending Genocide” and “Leadershit” make for one hell of a sick listen. I definitely recommend adding this one to your record collection!

Nordvargr "Pyrrhula" LP Review

Nordvargr Pyrrhula LP:

Sweden’s Henrik Nordvargr Bijork (Mz412, Folkstorm, All Hail the Transcending Ghost) is the true purveyor of Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Industrial and Noise, and on his 2008 release Pyrrhula he proves that light is nonexistent and darkness will prevail. The album itself thrives on the use of different effects and sounds that paint a picture of torment for the listener. I almost get the sense of someone whose psychotic behavior is transforming them into the beast that lies within. The song “Hascimh Reborn” almost sounds like someone being tortured in the depths of hell while a foul beast is surfacing from the hot undertone below. The haunting soundscapes on “Another Weeping Doomlord”, and “Pyrrhula” 1 and 2 leave you in a meditated state. The visual on this album which is the depiction of a dead bird on the front is the perfect example that life is challenged by death and underneath beauty there is always a beast. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a taste for dark/ritual ambient.

Anal Cunt "Morbid Florist" EP Review

Anal Cunt Morbid Florist EP

I remember hearing about Anal Cunt back in high school and as soon as I heard the noisy, offensive chaos that made the band infamous,I fell in love immediately. The album was originally a demo that was supposed to be sent out to Earache records, but eventually landed as an EP release for Relapse. This was in the in between point where Anal Cunt was doing the untitled noisy stuff and mixing it with the later material which had lyrics and titles, all really offensive I might add. The album displays guitarist John Kozik on the credits but the lineup on the actual recording is Seth (guitar/vocals) and Tim (drums). The band blazes through the recording with noisy blur core songs mixed with a Siege medley, “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, “Radio Hit” and “Guy Lombardo”. If you’re looking for politically correct music then you’ve come to the wrong fucking place! This isn’t my favorite AC release but this is definitely up there. Love them or hate them they inspired a whole genre of music that still considers the band very influential. When I heard Seth had died back in June a little bit of me died that day too. May his cold hearted soul R.I.P. or has he might put it HAHAHAHAHHA Seth’s fucking dead

Seth Putnam R.I.P.

Jesus Crost "010" LP Review

Jesus Crost 010

I remember hearing about Jesus Crost when they played Maryland Death Fest back in 2010 and from the moment I heard the band I feel in love with it. Jesus Crost is fast, aggressive and has a no bullshit approach to grind that has room for only drums, guitars and vocals. Sorry, no bass. From their inception in 1996, Jesus Crost, which is the duo of 013 and 010 has always had a minimalist raw primitive approach to their music from their early days as a punk band to their more grind/powerviolence which they’ve incorporated on their recent LP 010. The 23 tracks on this album from beginning to end punches you in the face and continues to beat you into the ground with its fast stop and go riffs, blast beats, d-beats and a vocal style which is a harsh yell followed by pitch shifted growls which definitely adds to the albums aggression. All the songs titles and lyrics are in German, so unless you know German good luck deciphering the titles. From the recent interview I did with them they said they sing about football and energy drinks amongst other things? Lyrical content aside these guys know what’s up when it comes to grindcore and I can’t wait to hear more releases from these grind maniacs.

Abnormality "The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion" EP Review

Abnormality “The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion” EP

Massachusetts’s very own Abnormality which features current and ex members of notable bands such as Goratory, Sexcrement, Teratism, Revengeance, and Iranach have made quite an impact in the underground death metal scene. Even though a lot of people have seemed to right off Abnormality as a generic death metal band, I wouldn’t right off the bat say they’re just another D-grade death metal band. They’re recent EP “The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion” might not be breaking new ground, but it is quite a tastefully well done record to listen to. The album is only three tracks long but is able to capture the listener with crunching guitar lines, blast beats, tenacious double bass, along with crushing bass undertones and the guttural growls and screams of vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy. The production quality, packaging and the musicianship on the album are all superb in my opinion. Not really big into death metal these days, but I do say that Abnormality is definitely worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing, and they put on a hell of a live show. Keep up the good works guys and gal.

Interview with Nordvargr

Nordvargr Interview

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I want to thank you Henrik for taking the time to do this interview. You really need no introduction, but for anyone not familiar introduce yourself and explain your current and past musical endeavors?

Henrik: I am a Swedish musician that has been active since the mid eighties, systematically exploring the broad field of the post-industrial music scene, covering noise, power electronics, militant, dark ambient, drone, blackened noise, EBM, experimental electronics, avantgarde and black metal.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know back in 2009 you released the album Evolution which people were saying that you were done and that was your last album. In my opinion I think you were just stating a change and a new beginning not the end of your musical career was this true or am I mistaken?

Henrik-You got that wrong; I said I was done. Done with dark ambient music, that is. I felt like I had done my best album ever and that I would never do something that good, so I thought better quit while on top of my game. I am still recording music, but I still have not recorded another album in that style. Time will tell if I return to the "pure" dark ambient style or not...

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Do you prefer to work alone or do you like band scenarios or collaborating with other acts/artists? What are the pros and cons of both?

Henrik-I prefer to work alone, but sometimes it is necessary to add some new ideas into the mix. It is refreshing and keeps you evolving.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know you’re pretty active with releases and recordings how do you make all the time to record all these albums and make them all unique?

Henrik- I usually sit down a few nights each week and record music - I do it because I need to do it. I need to compose to feel good. It is as simple as that. I just do what I do, and as long as there is a demand and people wants to hear my music I will deliver.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know MZ412 rarely play shows is there a particular reason for this? Also how was the response at the recent gig in London?

Henrik-No particular reason, other than that MZ. 412´s music really is not a suitable for live performances. However, the London gig was very successful, especially from a performance point of view. We combined visuals with the music and it all came together and enhanced the experience.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: What time period in history do you say your music represents ie: Ice Age, Renaissance, Dark Ages, and Modern Day?

Henrik-Hard to say, I don´t think in terms like that. I´d say modern day...

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: What’s going on with All Hail the Transcending Ghost? Was that project a onetime deal or do you plan on doing more stuff with it? Also who came up with the idea to start the project?

Henrik-We are planning to do a follow up album, but me and Tim live far from each other and both of us have very busy lives so when is hard to tell.
I can´t remember how it all started really - we had discussed music a while and loved each other’s music, and it was just natural to do something together - it just happened. Fate I guess...

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: What equipment do you currently use? What’s changed as far as equipment setting goes from the early years till now?

I have switched (back) to more hardware based compositions the last two-three years - with the modular synth as primary instrument - since I got fed up with working with computers and software.
In the beginning we used very primitive equipment, but as the years passed we have invested more into quality gear. But as I always say; it is not about what you have, it is about how you use it.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I really like the fact that your bands are very visual in the live aspect. Do you feel this will leave an imprint of the live performance in the viewers mind? What imagery do you tend to use as far as the live setting goes? Is it all theme related? Explain.

Henrik-When playing live it is important to give the audience something to remember. We have been blessed to be able to collaborate with one of Sweden’s most talented video artists which really has made a big difference, especially when performing with MZ. 412. The imagery used is mostly video art that was done inspired by the music and the themes in it - occult, fear, abstract art...

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Do you compose all the music for MZ412 or do you collaborate with the other members as far as songs go? Also why the number 412?

Henrik-MZ. 412 is a band in the classic meaning - we compose most of the material together. That is also probably why the process is so slow.
The number 412 is a secret that is only shared between the members of the band. It holds great meaning and wisdom.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I noticed that you’re working on the third installment of the Merzbow vs Nordvargr. What made you decide to collaborate with Merzbow in the first place and why do three different collaborations? Were they planned out from the get go or did it just piece itself together? Explain.

Henrik-I was introduced to Masami Akita by Cold Spring Records, and after discussing what we could do together it was evident that our "styles" of composing would work fine... we also decided to continue to work and make a "trilogy", but nothing is set in stone - who knows, we might do a fourth collab down the road.
The third part has just been mastered and it is really different from the first two albums - this time we have used more synths to create droning layers of sound.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: If you could describe your entire musical career in a phrase what would it be?

Henrik-Organized chaos and insanity made flesh.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Any last words on the recordings, live shows or anything else?

Henrik-Keep music evil

Interview with Rick of Shitstorm

Shitstorm Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I want to thank you Rick for taking part in this interview for anyone who isn’t aware give a brief history behind the grind chaos that is Shitstorm?

Rick- Shitstorm began in 2004. Jon and I had just joined torche around the same time shitstorm started playing so we were never able to do too much. We were never trying to be a mysterious or reclusive band but we ended up with that reputation for a little while.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Do you feel like the name of the band fits with the music itself? Also where did the name originate from? Was there another name before this?

Rick- The name was actually taken from another project that my brother was doing with our friend Josh. It never materialized so we took the name. I'm not sure that the name fits our sound but some people have said so.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You guys have done a shit ton of sick splits with bands such as Sloth,Margrudergrind and recently Conga Fury, are you guys currently going to be working on a full length? Why did you decide to release a ton of splits and hold off on putting together a full length?

Rick- I think bands like us are better on 7"s or split LPs. I honestly don't need to listen to more than 10 or 15 minutes of the same grindcore band at a time. Were supposed to be working on an LP for RSR but the more we try and put together the material for it, we start to think twice about it. We go for an abrasive sound and I think a full LP would be overkill.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I feel like the theme of the recent split with Conga Fury has to do with third world countries, terrorism and drug trafficking. Was this the initial theme or was there another theme behind the album?

Rick- yeah that sounds right. I was reading the news compulsively for a while and it started to make me feel helpless and kind of paranoid. Our world is in a sad state right now.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You’re one of the few bands that do a good job live and on recordings. Do you guys feel that you do better in a live setting, on recording or both?

Rick- It's always different live than recorded. I don't know which is better but I prefer live because the sound is much more raw. Sometimes our recordings come out too clean for my personal taste, plus the energy is intense live.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I notice on some of the guitar lines it seems to be noise being made by pick slides and feedback mixed with riffs. Do you guys mix up elements of harsh noise and straight up grind? How’s the writing process done? Who writes the music and lyrics?

Rick- The writing process has been done many ways in the past but lately we write the music together. Dub and I write lyrics, he writes more than I do. As far as the guitars go, we do have parts where it's just pure noise and no riff. We save those parts to make the songs more intense where it has to count. Were definitely a grindcore band though, not a noisegrind band, and dont want to be either. There's too much of that going around, and not enough people writing good old school grindcore songs with memorable parts and good energy.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You also participate in a noise project called Nuclear II. Is this something you do alone or with someone else? Also what inspired you to start up this project?

Rick- Nuclear II started as Dub and I, we recorded some demos that were never released and then I moved to Gainesville and started doing it by myself. I just started doing it for fun with the hopes that I could travel alone in a small vehicle to tour. As time has passed, my desire to tour as N2 has dwindled quite a bit though.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You guys recently did a tour and played Maryland Death Fest? How was the experience and do you guys have any future tours in the works?

Rick- the experience was awesome for us. Lots of people who had no idea who we were got to see us. We also got to see lots of friends and some cool bands. Our next shows will be in September with Despise You and Magrudergrind in Georgia and Florida. Other than that, no real tour plans, but talks of a tour with D.O.C. from DC in early 2012.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You guys recently added bass player Eric Hernandez to the fold. Was this a recent decision or have you guys always wanted a bassist and couldn’t find one? Also how did this change the sound for the band?

Rick- Eric has been playing with us since late 2009 now. We also had another bass player in 2008 for a tour we did to Dudefest in Indianapolis. We've always wanted a bass player but needed to find someone who understands what bass in a grindcore band is supposed to sound like. Weve been lucky to find the dudes we've jammed with. Eric is the best bass player I know and also has a good idea of what were supposed to sound like.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Would you say that Shitstorm is the fury and rage of a protestor that is full of conviction or an angered mob seeking vengeance towards the rulers that enslave them?

Rick- I would say shitstorm is more like the anger and paranoia of an average person that can't deal with the stresses and bullshit that come along with modern living and peoples materialistic bullshit in this society we live in. That goes for punks and metalheads too, with their uniforms and collectable garbage. I just fuckin hate it. Were not protesters or preachers... We just simply choose not to participate in any of this shit. People can do what they want.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Thanks again for the interview Rick, any last words about the band and/or any upcoming recordings, shows, tours etc?

Rick-There will be new stuff in 2012 as well as some touring, hopefully west coast.

Interview with 013 of Jesus Crost

Jesus Crost Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I just want to thank you 013 for taking part in this interview. Give a brief history of Jesus Crost to anyone who doesn’t know the band, and the origin of the name?

013:No prob. We’re a grindcore-powerviolence duo from Rotterdam, Holland. We started in 1996 as a crustcoreband in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror. Cröst was the style we played at that time.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: It seems that you guys progressed from a punk band to grind/power-violence band, was there a particular reason for this?

013-Yes, indeed we started as a punkband. Nowadays we play faster and learned how to play our instruments. No particular reason to change our style.
If you see all the releases through the last years we changed our style quite often. Our first official full-length cd ‘the feeding of the party punks’ was a kind of d-beat crustcore attack released in 1999.

Our second full-length is way different than our last 2 albums ‘tot’ and ‘010’. The split EP with Active Minds in 2002 was our most melodic of all our releases and the split EP with Phobia on Bones Brigade we play goregrind/powerviolence. JC never stopped exploring.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: The early releases really seem to take a stab at the death of the punk scene. Personally I think people just use the term Punk as a fashion statement rather than an actual movement or lifestyle what’s your stance on that?

013-Yes, you’re right. We said what we had to say. In 2011 no more lyrics about the punk scene, but about things that really matter like football, hooliganism and torture :)

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You recently released the full length album 010 and before that put out a bunch of other full lengths/splits/demos. Do you believe that recording a bunch of records help the band gain attention in the underground?

013-For sure. When you listen to our first demo ‘punk is dead’ the sound is way different.. but people knew we were a band since 1996. so it helped gain some attention, but now a days we try to get bigger by playing at bigger festivals. Last year we played Maryland Deathfest.. these are the fests we want to play hehe

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Being in a band I know that when writing material for a new album it has to top and exceed what the other record didn’t. So does 010 top the other records you have recorded?

013-Writing 23 songs for the 010 album was a hell of a job. The drummer wrote also 2 or 3 songs. I’m responsible for the music and 10 (drummer) writes all the lyrics.
But yeah. I think the quality of the songs of the 010 album are better than the tot album. Even the sound is better. Maybe less direct, but in a way more professional.
I’m busy writing new songs for our live set. Finally the new songs will be released as a new full-length album in 2012 or 2013. The album will be more stop and go powerviolence than evah.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You guys have been playing out a lot doing mini tours/fests and what not. Which one of these fests/gigs recent or past did you guys enjoy playing the most?
013-JC top 5 highlights:

Obscene Extreme Fest Trutnov (Czech-Republic)
010 CD release party Rotterdam (Holland)
Zverovision Fest Kiev (Ukraine)
Maryland Death Fest (USA)
SWR Metalfest, Barroselas (Portugal)

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You switch off from using pitch shifted and natural vocals which I think is sick as fuck. What brought this idea on and do you think it helps give the band a more intense and sick sound?

013-Thanks a lot for the compliment! I recently sold my pitchshifter to Yannic from Rectal Smegma. A good friend of ours. Now a days I do clean pig squeals and screams. The pitchshifter era is over.It fits the best with style of music we play.I started to use the pitchshifter in 2008 during our Euro tour with FUBAR. The drummer and me where huge fans of Ulcerrhoea and loved the pitchshifter. Also loved the Regurgitate pitch, so we decided to use it and switch it off with natural vocals.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know you guys had a session singer Mandy for the earlier material, but I did notice you guys never had a bassist. Was there a particular reason for this, and is bass on the actual recordings and have you ever thought of adding a bassist in the past?

013-Mandy only shouted some songs on the first demo and the first CD. After that, no more guest members.Nope. Bassplayers suck. We don’t need one for the kind of music we play. I split amps on recordings and live so we have a basssound.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I noticed that the songs are being sung in another language. What language is it, and what are the general lyrical themes of the songs?

013-German lyrics. Songs about football, energy drink etc. The big issues of life.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: If you could sum up the existence of Jesus Crost in a phrase what would it be?

013-Crustcore band against drunken punks to Rotterdam Grindcore Hooligans..

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words for the readers (any new recordings, gigs coming up)?

013-No prob bro. Expect us to be playing some festivals in 2012 and a split EP with US grinders Phobia. If you guys want to book us for your fest, get in touch
No slow all go baby!


Interview with Mallilka of Abnormality

Abnormality Interview:

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Thank you Mallika for taking the time to do this interview. First off give a brief history/description of the band Abnormality?

Mallika:Thank you for interviewing me. Abnormality formed in late 2005 and features past members of Goratory, Sexcrement, Teratism, Revengeance, and Iranach. We are from Massachusetts and we play a mixed style of death metal, brutal with some technicality and groove in the vein of Origin, Suffocation, older Cryptopsy and Morbid Angel.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: I read in an interview a while ago that you have been singing since you were young, what other styles of vocals can you do?

Mallika:I took traditional singing lessons as a child, and did chorus through middle school. I also recently took some singing lessons from an opera singer. It was fun and I learned some good breathing techniques.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Grunts, growls, screams and pig squeals, so why this type of vocals?

Mallika:Death metal is a passion for me. I love the challenge and the creativity that goes with growling. It was natural for me to gravitate towards it.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: How is it being part of a scene that is male dominated?

Mallika:Most of the time I don’t even think about it, if you want respect, whoever you are, you just go out and earn it. I haven’t really had a tough time myself being a woman in the scene. Sometimes I’ll get meat-head comments but I don’t let it bother me. I love the New England metal scene, there’s an abundance of good metal bands, good friends, and we support each other.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: What would you tell the critics that say women can’t be successful in the metal scene, that their vocals just aren’t that strong enough?

Mallika:I would think that they are simply uneducated, because there are numerous talented female metal vocalists [also guitarists, bassists and drummers] and there has been for decades. I could make an enormous list but I’ll keep it short and say check out Mythic, Acrostichon, Nuclear Death, Estuary, Putrefied Beauty, and Cerebral Bore.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: What do you and your band mates want to get from your music?

Mallika:We want to make intense, brutal music that challenges us. We want to have fun and see where it takes us.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: What do you want your fans to get from your music?

Mallika:We have an awesome, supportive fan base that we are grateful for. I suppose we would hope that they enjoy the music and that they get where we are coming from, musically and lyrically.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know you did the artwork for 2007’s “The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion” LP( which I personally happen to love) so tell us are one of those artists that has to be depressed or angry to get your artsy side going or do you sit down and let the awesomeness just fall out of you?

Mallika:Well, outside of the band I’m a professional artist, and I’m usually creating something. I only need some inspiration to create art. For the cover artwork, I let the music and the concept of the album drive the painting.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know pretty much the whole band collaborates on the lyrics and the music writing, do you think this makes you guys( and gal) a much stronger group?

Mallika:Collaborating on everything makes the writing process slower, but we think in the end it makes for more diverse and interesting music. The mishmash of our unique styles and influences is what makes Abnormality.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Back in 2005 when you jumped on stage with Teratism to do a cover of Sepultura’s “Desperate Cry” did you ever think that would leave you to being the front woman of a new band?

Mallika:In 2005 I was looking for a new band, and Jay offered to have me do a song with Teratism to help me find a band. In the end, Jay and I joined forces and Abnormality was started. I didn’t think that was going to happen exactly like that, but I was serious about joining another band after the last one I was involved in broke up.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: So far in your career have you met all the goals and expectations?

Mallika:I always have big and small goals that I work towards. I feel like I am just starting to achieve some of them. The biggest goal for now is I want to do a national tour with Abnormality, and eventually tour internationally. It’s also a dream of mine to one day play Maryland Deathfest.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Obviously we know you like death metal, but what other kinds of music are you into?

Mallika:I like some classic rock and hard rock like Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, some old country like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, some blues and folk like Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, some Jazz like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald, and sometimes I listen to Tori Amos and Bjork. I also like classical music and Indian classical music.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: How do you think the age of technology that we are in helps the music scene? Do you think that it makes people less likely to come to the shows since they can watch the shows for free on youtube and download the music anytime they want?

Mallika:I think this age of technology is definitely of a benefit to bands. It’s easier to have your music heard, and to spread the word about shows and fests. I think the people that would rather stay home aren’t going to go out to shows anyway, but at least they can support your band by buying your music or merch. Going out to shows is very different than watching a band on youtube. You get totally enveloped in the music and energy, you get to see friends or meet new people, and you can drink and have a good time.

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: When can we expect to see a full length from Abnormality?

Mallika:We are scheduled to record at the end of August of this year!

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Any last words, thoughts, demands, any upcoming shows/tours?

We have finished our summer shows and we are now focusing on our next record. We have something in the works for a longer tour next year, and we will release more details as they develop.
Thanks again Joe and Ashley, stay brutal!