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April 2011 Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

The April Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions is finally up.Both Ashley and I have had a lot of crazy shit going on in both of our lives.Finally though the issue is up.Interviews and Reviews with the following bands:

Interviews: Andromorphus Rexalia,SmallPox Aroma,Panspermia and Disgruntled

Reviews of: Brodequin's "Methods of Execution" LP,Worlds "Unforeseen Paths" 7 inch, Andromorphus Rexalia's Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension"LP and Black Air's "Plague Ritual" One Sided LP release.

Already have been working on the May and June Issues both will be up much sooner than this one.Enjoy.

Joe and Ashley

Black Air "Plague Ritual" One Sided LP Review

Black Air “Plague Ritual” One Sided LP

I stumbled upon this band on a blogspot, and was quite drawn to it by the musical description of harsh noise wall and the bizarre cover art of what appears to be a man with a bird mask.I found out that Black Air is the noise project of Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern, River bed Mausoleum,Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit). Black Air reminds me of a natural disaster annihilating all in its path leaving no survivors, or I can even say this is the musical depiction of millions dying at the hand of the bubonic plague. The soundscape doesn’t change much, which I usually can’t get into but for this band it seems to work. It almost puts you under a weird trance leading you to believe the world is coming to an end and humanity has no hope of survival. Its unapologetic approach to the decimation of what most people think music should be is pretty apparent. This release is not easy listening at all, and to some it might actually be a painful experience. I can’t say the same. I fell in love with this piece of noisy filth and all fans of noise should dig their teeth into this one. The bubonic plague is upon us once again….

Andromorphus Rexalia "Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension" LP Review

Andromorphus Rexalia “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension LP”

I must say the debut full length of New York’s Andromorphus Rexalia for me was a much anticipated release. Originally it was suppose to come out in 2009, but due to issues mainly with the mixing and mastering and distribution it didn’t come out until 2010. The album which is entitled “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension” is the best description for the album itself. Right from the beginning the band annihilates the listener with its brand of extraterrestrial inspired death grind with extremely fast, but tight drumming and insanely technical but interesting guitar riffs. Wilson’s drumming gets better on every release that he does. Even though he was good on previous releases with his other bands Purluent, Copremesis and Animals Killing People, his drumming really shines out on this album. Complemented by the spastic insane guitar and bass riffs courtesy of Joseph (Animals Killing People/Disgruntled/Eclampsia) the musicianship on this album is extremely superb. To add to all this madness is the bizarre and unique vocal stylings of Paulo P (Copremesis/BuckshotFacelift) who laden’s the album with high pitched screams, booming gutturals, pig screams and otherworldly vocals. Separately all three of these guys are great musicians, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Opening up with One with Nothingness and followed by other great tracks such as Irrelevant Assumptions of Reality, Mundus Imaginalis, Mass Human Auto Extinction, Intangible Forms, and my personal favorite Bacteria Parasite Through the Ion Tunnels. It also has two live tracks Chemtrails and Hidden Parallel Universe, that feature Joseph and Wilson along with two previous members Ralph(Immoral Flesh) on vocals and Javier( Carnal) on bass/vocals. The bands lyrics are quite interesting as well as touching on topics such as extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories and all other things unknown. The album’s mixing and mastering isn’t bad, but sometimes I feel like the chaos of the music itself gets blended in and you can’t distinguish certain aspects. In my opinion this album is definitely worth checking out, if you get a chance see them live as well. The best way to describe it is a close chaotic encounter with the third kind.

Worlds "Unforeseen Paths" 7 inch Review

Worlds Unforeseen Paths 7 inch

Worlds is another band out of the local scene that I checked out recently and actually enjoyed. I heard the name here and there, and finally checked them out at a gig at the now defunct Black Coffee Gallery. I was really damn impressed with their live performance; it was a sheer blast of terror and aggression that a lot of bands lack these days. The band also makes quite an impression on their debut 7 inch entitled “Unforeseen Paths”, which leans towards a more old school approach to grindcore. The band consists of members from such veteran bands as Asshole Parade, Floor and Assuck most notably. The tracks on the album aren’t very long in length, but the band gets to the point and gets the job done very well. The album is laden with blast beats, grindy riffs, and low guttural vocals, almost in the vein of Assuck’s “Misery Index”, Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement to Obliteration” and Arsedestroyer’s “Teen Ass Revolt”. I recommend this for any fan of true old school grindcore.

Brodequin "Methods of Execution" Review

Brodequin “Methods of Execution” LP

A lot of death metal doesn’t really appeal to me these days, bands like Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge (CA), Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse among others seem to play, write and sing the same shit over and over again. It just gets damn right boring in my opinion. There are a few exceptions though; one band that caught my attention a few years back was Brodequin. Even though the band doesn’t offer anything new as far as brutal death metal goes. They retain a primitive esque that a lot of the other bands seem to lack. It’s fast, it’s intense and it’s just straight up aggressive. The band was formed by Brothers Mike (guitars) and Jamie Bailey (bass/vocals) who along with Chad Walls (drums) put out two other great records “Instruments of Torture” and “Festival of Death”. The record I’m writing about is their 2004 opus; entitled “Methods of Execution” this is the first album to feature Jon Engman (Foetopsy/Mince Meat/Screaming Afterbirth/Custodian) on drums, and not Chad Walls. The record from start to finish is an aggressive masterpiece (nothing is clean about this record and I mean that in a good way). Even though the material doesn’t change in speed the riffs themselves sound fairly good. The vocal assault which is just a deep guttural inhale doesn’t change too much which usually bothers me, but for this band it works perfectly. I have to say the one thing that really got my attention with this record was the drumming. Engman brings his own style to the band and even though Chad Walls is a good drummer, Engman is just more intense. He breaks the monotony by changing it up with fills and punk style beats where its deemed necessary. The lyrics are gore based, but aren’t the usual zombies eating flesh bullshit. The band actually used historical based concepts to conceive the lyrics for this and all their other opuses. Which is pretty unique and interesting, but Jamie Bailey did major in history so that might be one of the reasons why. The band ends the album with the title track which is actually a dark ambient/ noise piece conceived by Engman. I have to say ending the record on that note is pure genius. Some of the stand out tracks are; “Slaves to the Pyre”, “Pressing to Plead”, “Cast into Torment” and “Verdrinken”, long story short this is the perfect example of less is better.

Interview with Joseph of Disgruntled

Disgruntled Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions-First off thanks for taking the time to do this interview Joseph. Give a brief history of Disgruntled, and why did you choose the name for the band?

Joseph-hey man no problem, thank you for doing this for us. Disgruntled was formed in 2004 in Hopewell PA and soon after that we started working on the tracks you can hear on our EP, but due to personal issues we put the band on hold. I moved back to NY and the band time and focus was very limited. We picked the name for the band because it’s just something we can all relate to. At any giving moment there is someone or something that just pissed you off and that is what disgruntled is about all the fucked up facts and situations of our daily life.

Joe-You're very multi talented you play drums, guitar, bass, and you even do vocals. You also play in a ton of other bands besides Disgruntled.Is it tough to make sure all the band’s material sounds different, and do you feel that playing different instruments in every band makes you understand music as a whole 10 times better than if you just played one instrument.

Joseph-I’ll tell you this man it’s a complete mental work out because I’m constantly thinking about all my bands and how to improve the sound of the instrument I play in each one of them. I don’t want them to sound the same but I always want to keep them connected in the brutal death style which is where I prefer to stand as a musician. I like playing different instruments it definitely gives me an open field in music plus I feel honored to know and play with the guys of any of my bands because not only are they brutal musicians, but they are brutal individuals as well and I feel we all learn from each other in some way and that is priceless.

Joe-I know for Disgruntled you play drums and do vocals. I’m not sure if you guys have played any live shows, but if you have or are planning on will you be doing vocals and drums or will you have some else come in to do vocals live?

Joseph-We played several shows here and there and I do both drums and vocals live and I’m pretty sure it will stay like that.

Joe-What’s the lyrical focus of the band, and what was the theme for the EP?

Joseph-The lyrics of the bands are mostly about the real and disgusting things that are happening every day ,every second in our lives ie: corruption, child predators, conspiracy, ,global decimation, rape, murder, violence, governments lying and deceiving us, cannibalism and human exploitation. The theme for the EP is mostly about humans coming to this planet and just unleashing our seed of creation, ,knowledge, infections, sorrow, decay and just creating a habitat for ourselves without caring who or what we step on just for the sake of survival and control.

Joe-Do you write all the music or do both you and Neil (guitars) collaborate as far as Disgruntled is concerned?

Joseph-Neil and I both write the music and lyrics

Joe-The vocals are definitely in the disgusting sickening guttural style, but some of the vocals almost sound Napalm Death (Barney Greenway esque) is Napalm Death an influence, and do you listen to other types of music that influence not just the band, but you as a musician?

Joseph-i grew up listening to Napalm Death so it’s always been a part of my influence. Plus Barney’s vocal style always made a point with strong attitude and that is interesting to me. As far as gutturals you can’t go wrong with them; it doesn’t get any more disgusting, sicker and gutsy than that, Which I want to say thanks to Ammo for doing a sick job on the backing vocals of the CD.

Joe-I like the fact that Disgruntled is very primitive sounding, not overly technical just straight up face decimating death grind! Do you feel that bands now a days over think technically to just playing straight raw heavy ass music?

Joseph-I’m a fan of technical death metal but once it’s overdone it gets on my fucking nerves, I feel that there is a balance with technicality and that u can only do so much, with Disgruntled it’s not so much about the technical part but more just like u said bro straight up in your face no bullshit just pound something or someone. (MMA fighters out there stop listening to lady gaga before you go into the cage. go get a disgruntled or brutal metal CD instead ,results guaranteed or your get you money back hahahah)

Joe-Would you describe Disgruntled as two lions shredding a human alive or someone being devoured in river by a bunch of crazed piranhas?

Joseph-Interesting question I described Disgruntled more like a bunch of sick individuals doing fuck up shit such as: gang beating and raping someone, killing innocent people and eating their flesh, raping childrens, shit like that which is disgusting and it makes me Disgruntled as fuck.

Joe-Do you add bass to the recordings, or do you keep it simple and just have guitar, drums and vocals? Will there ever be the addition of a bassist in the future?

Joseph- There’s no bass on our recordings. We tune really low so it’s heavy and bassy as it and I don’t think we would get a bassist, but if someone wants to try in the future will def give him/her a chance to try out.

Joe-I noticed that you guys released your EP through Severed Records congratulations on that! Are you guys going to be releasing a full length through them, and what do you hope to capture on the LP that you didn’t on the EP?

Joseph-Hey man thanks and thanks to Barret Amis for giving us the chance and putting out our EP for distribution. We would be glad to put our full length on Severed records but that is really up to him. Our LP is already in the making we got all the tracks lined up and will be ready record soon; our new CD will surely be a lot faster and heavier with more of a brutal death sound to it.

Joe-Anything else as far as Disgruntled is concerned? Any last words to the readers?

Joseph-I want thank you once again for this interview,as far as disgruntled is concerned we are working hard on the new CD and if everything goes well it should be done by the fall -winter time.. A big shout to my brothers in Andromorphus Rexalia, Animals Killing People, Eclampsia and to all you readers support brutal music because it’s not just a style of music but a way of life as well.

Interview with Panspermia

Panspermia Interview

Ashely/Cryptic Inscriptions-Why is the first Panspermia album an ambient release and the second one is not? Was the band originally supposed to be an ambient project that just happened to morph into a grind/experimental/noise band by the second album?

Joe- Panspermia was originally formed as an ambient side project that I was doing with my brother Masami. We were both at that time getting into a lot of weird types of music particularly Dark Ambient and Harsh Noise, and decided to create our own. For sometime Masami wasn’t in the band and I did the project on my own, Panspermia is quite a schizophrenic band our previous releases range from dark ambient to gorenoise to harsh noise, back to dark ambient and now experimental ambient grind. After “Methodical Mind Control” I had planned to end the band, but after much consideration I ended all my other bands and decided to put full concentration on Panspermia how ironic things can be at times.

Ashely-The logo for Panspermia features a drawing of an alien & even the inside cover it reads "Panspermia is The Greys. So tell us what are your beliefs about life on other planets? And how did those beliefs influence these albums?

Joe- I believe without a shout of doubt that life exists on other planets to think that were the only beings in existence is complete ignorance. The universe is a big mass and there are so many things we still haven’t discovered and don’t know about. I almost see them as the spiritual entities that shaped and created our very core of existence. They were the gods among men back in the ancient days of civilization. We listed Panspermia as the Greys to put mystery into the band itself kind of how extraterrestrial beings themselves are a mystery. We like to touch on a variety of topics not only extraterrestrial beings, but they do put play a big part in the band and some of the album themes. The name Panspermia itself means the theory that life exists beyond our galaxy.

Masami-Without a doubt I believe there to be life on other planets. Considering the vast size of the universe and all its unexplored depths, it would be a bit ignorant to believe that we are the only intelligent creatures that inhabit it. For all we know alien life forms could have helped shape life as we know it on this planet in a not to distant past. You’ll find tons of theorists trying to support these claims. I also fancy the idea of other intelligent life forms making contact with us through different dimensions of reality. These are experiences we can actually take part in through trances or other altered states;were not alone as we consider ourselves to be.

Ashely-The album art for both "Methodical Mind Control" & "Eugenic Dystopia" are collaged art of some pretty controversial images. What was the inspiration behind this?

Masami- To give a representation of how fabricated reality is these days; the media, government, corporations, and religions try their best to keep people ignorant to the horrible truths they carry out behind the curtains. The images are reality at its rawest and uncensored core.

Ashely-On both album art covers we also see animal cruelty images. What is your stance on animal testing? And did that have any inspiration for either album?

Joe- I am firmly against the idea of animals testing, vivisection and the slaughterhouse district. These are the reasons that led me to the decision of being a vegetarian for the past 6 years. The idea of benefiting mankind at the expense of animals is just so infantile, but what do you expect from a species that enslaves, tortures and experiments on its own. To me animals are not expendable creatures their very highly intelligent and spiritual creatures who are way more in tap with themselves than we are. This is definitely a subject we touch on especially on the new album; the song “Progression or a Holocaust” specifically talks about animal experimentation, and we even do a cover of the Disrupt song “Life’s a Life” that touches on the subject of vivisection. I have to say the line at the end of Progression says it best “Who really is the beast?”

Masami- I believe animal testing to be inhuman, if we wouldn’t dare test a product on ourselves than what makes sense about testing it on another living creature. Most are indifferent to animals seeing them as expendable test subjects, food, or clothing. Not conscious creatures who feel pain just as much as you and I do. This topic was definitely an inspiration for the record and hopefully the images presented on them are a wake up call to the brutal reality that most view as normal.

Ashely-What is the significance behind the titles "Methodical Mind Control" & "Eugenic Dystopia"?

Masami- “Methodical Mind Control” deals with the concept of how contemporary society is ruled by its seductive idols. These idols take many forms for people, whether they are drug abuse, religion, government, social circles, electronic vegetation, or even their own egos. The average person has little separation or detachment from these illusions. Eugenic Dystopia on the other hand is a reflection of our society’s crash and burn attitude toward reality. Showing all the atrocities carried out in the name of profit and commercialism. That keep the average citizen comfortable in his own suburban wasteland and line the pockets of the crooks supplying him with cash.

Ashely-After years of using a drum machine in other bands why in the second album "Eugenic Dystopia" do you suddenly switch to a real drummer? How do you think this will help improve sound?

Joe-Well the main reason a drum machine was used in my prior bands and on early Panpsermia is quite simple, we just could never find a drummer. It’s hard enough to find dedicated musicians who aren’t lazy or harbor a serious drug problem, but to find good musicians in general particularly a drummer is just a pain in the ass. Masami actually had to learn how to play drums because we just couldn’t find one. For the upcoming full length our buddy Matt of Phyllomedusa will be playing drums, but all future releases and live shows drums will be provided courtesy of Masami! Real drums are just so much better have so much more intensity and such a primitive barbaric drive don’t get me wrong I love jamming and even listening to bands with drum machines, but when all is said and done nothing can compare to having real drums.

Ashely-Noticed there is quite a few Aleister Crowley excerpts on the you guys side of the 3 way split with The Leviathans Mandible and Kindergarten Hazen Ritual whose idea was that and why Crowley? And why those certain excerpts?

Masami- The reason I chose these excerpts from Crowley, was because they tied in with the song we incorporated them into- “The Metamorphosis of Consciousness- the Bizarre Exorcism”. The song is basically a meditation on the willed reconstructing of the mind through magic. Why I chose the Crowley excerpt on the pentagram is precisely because it’s a metaphor for achieving balance over oneself and creating and cutting off parts of the mind at will. Mans infinite life force is the metaphorical fifth element that places juggler with the other four. The Gnostic mass at the end was added to give a ritual vibration to the song.

Ashely-When working on an album do you try to make it the strongest material you've ever done?

Joe-That is always the goal when I’m writing new material; a band to me is an entity and the entity always needs to get stronger and get better. I’m not only trying to write better material as far as new releases go, I’m trying to also progress as a musician as well.

Masami- To me when working on a record I always consider it to be the strongest material we’ve unleashed. The longer you put your energy into an endeavor the more your genius should reveal itself.

Ashely-How is forming a band with a sibling? Does help you flow better because you know the person a lot better than your average band mate or does sibling rivalry get in the way?

Joe-HAHAHHAHAHAH yeah it definitely has its pros and cons like any situation in life. Even though we butt heads we definitely have a connection as far as jamming or just music is concerned. I have to say out of all the people I’ve jammed with in all of the years that I’ve played music my brother and I do have connection that I haven’t had with anyone else. I enjoy playing and writing music with him, and I can’t wait to write newer material with him in the future!

Masami- Forming a band with a sibling has its pros and cons .We are just people after all so we don’t always agree or see eye to eye on things. Overall though I say it’s a deeper mental and musical connection considering the relation. I feel the spark when we jam. It’s always a good exercise in ego softening too to work with someone else. You’ll have to put aside differences and unite to create one entity. I feel we both bring elements to the tables that compliment the art form. It wouldn’t be as superb without the combined effort.

Ashely-I've noticed Panspermia has yet to have a definite line-up? Why do you think this is?

Joe-It kind of goes back to that question I answered about the drummer situation. It’s just really hard to find people that are actually serious dedicated good musicians. I’ve always had a hard time finding people that take this shit seriously most of the time people are more concerned with getting fucked up or playing utterly shitty scene grind or D-grade death metal or just have a shitty rockstar attitude about it. I’m going to just state this for the record if you play underground music and think you’re going to be rich you got another thing coming. Panspermia has already gone through several different vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers, but whatever happens will always be jamming out the sick tunes.The current lineup which I’m pretty happy with is Masami on drums/bass, our buddy Ammo (Animals Killing People/Andromorphus Rexalia/Humanity Falls) recently replaced our old vocalist Brian(Syphilic) and myself on guitars/vocals all the ambient and noise is done by Masami and I, and Matt of Phyllomedusa will be playing drums on Eugenic Dystopia. The only thing we still need is a live bassist for shows if you think you have what it takes hit us up!

Ashely-They say "video killed the radio star", do you think that internet is killing the music scene? How much good do you think that networking online does for bands?

Joe-HAHHAHAHAH I like the analogy!I have to say I think it does both good and bad. I like the Internet in the fact that it makes it easier to communicate with bands, labels, venues and people but at the same time it makes people lazy as shit as well. People don’t show up to shows or buy CDs anymore they just download them. Which might not hurt bigger bands, but the up and coming bands are really suffering. I honestly wish we could go back to the days of writing letters tape trading and all that. It seemed to me at least that the scene was stronger and that more people seemed to get into it. Now a day’s people seem to just go to shows to just get fucked up or pick up sluts and don’t seem to really pay attention to the music it’s quite a shame.

Masami-In a way I’d say the internet helps but also hinders the music scene. On one side it can help dedicated musicians get their work promoted, but also creates a plastic reality where anyone with computer and poor musical skills can create a page and become another myspace star. Another downside is all the piracy. This destroys the small bands and labels more than anyone else; because we lose the money we put in making printable records if no one buys them. Multimillion dollar labels and bands have less to worry about with this due to the immense profits they make regardless. It’s funny to note that they bitch about this more than the little guy. When do you hear of underground bands suing people for downloading tunes? Regardless I do what I do because of passion not profits so fuck it all!

Ashely-What are your opinions about society as of now? Do you think we have become a culture that is way too vain, selfish and foolish for our own good and we are all doomed, or does humanity still have a chance at decency?

Joe-I actually hate what society has become it seems to me that humanity is slowing going down the path to its own destruction. No one seems to care about anything and my generation and the younger generation seem so apathetic to what’s going on in the real world. Everyone is so wrapped up in drug or alcohol addiction, technology, the media filling our heads with constant bullshit. That we all fail to see the real picture and what life really means so we become lost in a vegetative state which enables our rulers to do what they please plus the more stupid people become the more control our world leaders have on us. The only way I see hope is if people wake up from the dream and see the illusion for what it is.

Masami- Right now we are basically on the brink of disaster as a collective whole. Like so many other dominant cultures of the past the western world is doomed to fall. In my opinion it’s a natural phenomenon of reality. All things go through cycles of rise and fall. Reality is a process based in a principle of duality. The sad part is we as a people don’t tend to learn from the mistakes of the past and inevitably repeat them. Oh well realities a bit of a twisted joke anyway.

Ashely-Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish with all this insane music that you create? :)

Joe- I just hope that people will see that we have something to say unlike a lot of the shitty bands in the underground. Plus the facts that were breaking new ground musically as well hopefully will inspire people to break beyond the box and create new music as well. In the end though I don’t care if people remember me just as long as they remember the records that we’ve created that’s all that really matters to me when all is said and done.

Masami- I hope to open people’s mind to more than the usual formula they’re fed in the underground music scene. True artists are a dying breed and all were left with is plastic imitators. Free your minds and break the chains of conventional thought!

Interview with Goredick of SmallPox Aroma

Small Pox Aroma Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions:First off Ip I like to thank you for doing the interview. For anyone that doesn’t know give a brief history of Smallpox Aroma?

Goredick-Hey Joe thanks to you as well for conducting an interview with us!!! It's me Ip aka Goredick replying here! It all began in early 2006 in high school when me and one of my friends (Zox - ex-bassist) wanted to play some sick shit, L.S. knew about the formation of the band so he said he was keen to join and we were like "fuck yeah, come join us". Not very long after that we asked Septictanklavatory to join the band and he accepted the invitation. That's a brief one I guess. Ha-ha!

Joe-I love the name of the band which one of you guys came up with it? Was their another name prior to this or was this always the name?

Goredick-It was me. I was searching for a nice name for a grind band and smallpox just came to my head, I imagined that wounds from smallpox disease would smell fucking disgusting so I added "aroma" to it. This is a really good question, there was another name prior to this, which was "Gonorrhea", but when Smallpox Aroma came to my fucking head I just preferred that one.

Joe-I know you are in a ton of other bands. Is it hard to maintain being in all these bands, and most important is it hard to keep everyone sounding a bit different?

Goredick-Yes I am, well some of them are projects though. Well I'd say not that hard, but yes I admit that sometimes it's quite confusing about the conceptual and musical contexts because I want each one to be different in theme and the music itself for sure. But all in all, I am fucking happy doing all of these!!! Hehehe!!!

Joe-SxAx has almost a punk esque to some of the songs. Is punk definitely among the influences?

Goredick-It's cool to hear you can perceive this Goatbeard!!! We're also influenced by some punk and power violence bands including Rancid, Charles Bronson, Yacopsae, Krigshot, and those other D-beat stuff. They're fucking great!!!

Joe-I know you’re influenced and are in a few gorenoise projects. Do you prefer trading straight up music for just straight chaotic noise?

Goredick-Yes I am, and yes I'm in. Well I'd say, in extreme sound, I love both musical and noise contexts. I enjoy making and listening to both music and noise, the uniqueness of both is worth to dig!!! Accordingly I don't prefer one to another.

Joe-I’ve been noticing a lot of sick ass bands coming from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) is the scene in that area doing fairly well?

Goredick-The underground scene in Southeast Asia is awesome but as you know is not as big as the scenes in Europe and USA. Indonesian underground scene has a very strong scene consisting of many great bands. Jasad came to Thailand once, but I didn't have a chance to see it because I was in New Zealand studying (of course I wish I had, damn...). Nevertheless, I had a chance to see Lumpur in Malaysia (Indonesian brutal death), they were fucking awesome! A lot of bands from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines are fucking awesome as well. I love Human Mastication (Philippines), Phlegm Thrower (Philippines), Internal Torture (Philippines), Guillotined (Philippines), Analdicktion (Singapore, their full-length is to be released very soon by Scrotum Jus records and Severed records), Goreslut (Malaysia), Magnitizdat (Malaysia), and many many fucking more! Now let me introduce you some awesome Thai bands; Heretic Angels, Lacerate, Intricated (their full-length was just released by Sick Chainsaws productions and Severed records), Biopsycunt, Failure Trace, Granulocytic Blastoma, Masochist, Gory Vomit, Goreconsumed, Splattered Orgasm, there're some more but these are what I can think about now! Check 'em out!

Joe-When it comes to recording and writing what are the key initial factors in improving each opus you guys create?

Goredick-Improvisation, yes that's what our main writing context. Smallpox Aroma never did any pre-recording (de)composition. What you hear is what we newly improvise in recording sessions. An exception is the drums, admittedly we used drum programmings in our past recordings, but yeah, when I wrote the drumlines I just composed whilst writing. Well sometimes I had some brief lines in my mind before I wrote, but mostly as mentioned I just thought about the drumlines when I was writing. We're going to use real drums in our debut full-length from that one on.

Joe-If you could describe the band using only one word what would it be?


Joe-Who can you say has been really influential in your drumming? Also do you feel like every release you’ve done has topped the other?

Goredick-There're many that I respect and am influenced by, but whom I can think about now I'd say Brad Fincher, Marc Palmen, Jon Engman, Derek Roddy, and Organic Masturbator of 1000 Splatter Whores. Yes sometimes I prefer a release to other ones, but all in all I love every release Smallpox Aroma has excreted!

Joe-Do you feel like the days of tape trading and actually seeking out bands, and passing out flyers made the scene stronger opposed to the internet being used as a promotional tool?

Goredick-Personally I love DIY and the way the scene used to be. I'd say yes it made the scene stronger if you consider the feeling of authenticity and originality. So, is the Internet bad for underground scene? I'd say not that bad, as long as it makes it easy for us to know a lot of bands worldwide. Online communication makes it easier for musicians and labels to contact each other. Well, the Internet can bring total convenience, but at the same time it brings lack of authenticity as many people just download and don't hold the real copies. Those old school days were awesome, as it ensured that physical releases were obtained, but sometimes it's too slow to reach the music. So both have pro and con in themselves, then they're not opposed to each other.

Joe-What do we expect as far as Small Pox is concerned? Any last words for the readers?

Goredick-The split 7" with Human Mastication is supposed to be out some time ago but we've been having a problem with one of the co-labels, it's now in a negotiating process, but this must be fucking out!!!!!!!! We just finished mixing and mastering our side of the split CD with Intestinal Disgorge, a new song was posted on our Myspace and Facebook pages, this split is to be out soon through Darkroom productions and Root Active productions, and now we're searching for a label that'd be keen to release this split in 12". So those who're interested, get in touch, but NO RIP-OFFS PLEASE!!! Thanks to you Joe Goatbeard for the interview, and also thanks to all the grind and noisefreaks who read this and dig our shit!!! Check out and GRIND!!!

Interview with Wilson of Andromorphus Rexalia

Andromorphus Rexalia Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions-Thanks for doing this interview Wilson, for those that don’t know give us a brief history of Andromorphus Rexalia and what is the meaning and significance of the band name?

Wilson-Hey man, thank you for the interview, so Andromorphus Rexalia was created around 2006,as an AKP side proyect with Joseph on guitars,{Immortal Flesh,Disgruntled],and myself on drums {AKP,Copremesis,Purulent},then it became a serious band after we started creating songs an realizing that we could do something more brutal and chaotic than the bands we were playing in at that time and that's what we wanted,then Paulo of Copremesis joins the band on vocals and with this line-up we started playing shows and went into the studio to record our material which was released on CD by Goregiastic Records in 2010,with the name "Cosmic Collision Into The Fifth Dimension", then Paulo leaves the band due to schedule conflicts, and Javier of Carnal joins on bass and backing vocals and plays a few shows with us but leaves soon due to personal reasons, then Ralph of Immortal Flesh,Demilitia,Disembowel joins the band on vocals and with this line up we continue playing shows, then Ralph is forced to leave the band due to lack of seriousness with the band and Ammo AKP,guitarrist joins the band to do the vocals, then Paulo joins back and with this line-up we continue playing shows and recently we went into the studio to record a split CD with Animals Killing People which will come out hopefully very soon, we are still looking for the label to put it out, and so to this date that's our line-up; Andromorphus Rexalia means one form, reuniting to the one and it's the name of a star system so many light years away that it's not even in this planet's astronomer maps.

Joe-Even though Andro had problems in the past with obtaining members you’ve seemed to obtain a pretty killer lineup with the return of Paulo(Copremesis/Buckshot Facelift), and the addition of Ammo(Humanity Falls/Animals Killing People) both on vocals. Do you feel that each member of Andro brings something different to the table that makes the band even more intense?

Wilson-Yeah i feel that the line-up that we have right now is very stable and brutal, the return of paulo makes the band sounds more original and chaotic and i believe that's something we were aiming for, and the addition of ammo's vocals makes it even more brutal with the energy and low growls that he contributes to the music.

Joe-I like how your bands lyrical subject is a lot different than most bands in the death and grind scene. For example with Animals Killing People it’s all animal rights, and anti human based. While with Andro its Extraterrestrials and Conspiracy Theories. Do you feel that singing about things outside of Satanism and gore sets you guys apart and brings more attention to the band itself? Who writes the lyrics?

Wilson-I think it does attract more people to AKP and Andro,besides people are more interested in these things nowdays since humans are changing to a more conscious way of being and demanding more truth, i feel people are tired of the same story over and over again in metal, i see that bands automatically sing about one or the other without giving it much thought,i write the lyrics for AKP and for the most part in Andromorphus along with Joseph.

Joe-Do you believe that 2012 is really the end or a new beginning?

Wilson-Whatever i think about the truth of this is irrelevant, the signs are everywhere,the universe is an ever changing force of energies that sometimes collide on the same point in time and space that bring natural changes that the mind don't want to accept easily when going through a cosmic transition, if people don't see now that much it's really taking place in this world and in this part of the universe where the earth floats, as told by ancients ancestors that lived in the planet at some point in history of what humans believed to be the past which is actually an spiral cycle with no linear time, i see many things collapsing and leaving our reality,things that don't belong to the new cosmic neigborhood where the earth is entering into and many others are birthing and finally changing for the good of also if you want to say that it's an end and a begginning i think that's right..

Joe-Your full length “Cosmic Collisions into the Fifth Dimension” was a quite anticipated release in 2010, and it was worth it. I think it was actually one of the better releases to come out last year besides “Humanity Falls” “Ordaining the Apocalypse”. Do you feel like the release met up to your expectations, and what do you hope to achieve with your next release?

Wilson-Thanks for your words man,actually this cd came out from a recording that we had done perhaps 2 years ago,we had some problems getting the whole recording complete from the enginneer at the studio we went to, and the recording was kind of lost for some time, so when we finally got ahold of it we did as much as we could to save it and maintain a brutal and clear sound without losing the power of it, we owe that to Lance from Malignancy and Andres from Internal Suffering, so it doesn't really meet our expectations completely,it always could be better, but with all we had to go through to get it done, i feel we are happy with it, even though the real power of Andromorphus can be felt better in the recording we just did for the split with Animals Killing People which was produced by Colin of Gorguts.

Joe-Do you feel that you’re playing has gotten better with every release and with every band. From back in the day with “Purulent” and “Copremesis” and now with “Animals Killing People” and “Andromorphus Rexalia’? What do you feel was the most important thing you’ve learned as far as being in a band is concerned?

Wilson-Well yeah I feel more comfortable playing now since the music we make has gotten faster and more technical so that demands more of myself and what i can do and acomplish as a drummer, even though it's very frustating sometimes being in New York is very intense, life is too fast and there is almost no time to do everything you want to do or practice as much, could be's not easy to be in a band, and I've learnt that if you are in a band there has to be a very good connection with the other members, but if that's not there things don't work out the same and that gets reflected on the music.

Joe-Do you think the government uses the excuse of Extraterrestrials to cover up what’s really going on behind the scenes?

Wilson-Well there is so much going on behind the scenes, this is not nothing new for the ones who demand answers and the truth, and choose not to be part of the human cattle that they want us to be,the abundance of life elsewhere is a basic knowledge that every human on this planet should be aware of without any kind of secrecy or agenda that perpetuates lies that keeps a few in power over the rest of the people in the world, goverments and religions try to control all information regarding ET's and many other issues that if known could and would put them in a position where they wouldn't be seen as the ones ontop of the whole game and that would free humanity from a fake reality that is an illusion that they created and that's what scares them the most, when people realize and remember of the power that is carried within each of us and leave ignorance and savagery behind then humans would be welcomed back into the life that exist all over the universe and goverments and religions will be as unnecessary as viruses are to computers in order to work and run smoother, when people realize this, it won't be the people who would be afraid of them but they will be of us.

Joe-What is the song “Bacteria Parasite Through the Ion Tunnels” about? Personally I thought it was talking about germ warfare, but I might not be correct? What’s the song’s meaning correspond to?

Wilson-haha ..well the lyrics on this song were the only ones on the album written by joseph so he has the answer to this one.

Joseph:The lyrics for bacteria is pretty much what u said germ warfare ,infections,parasites ,man made illness ,cancer and all fuck up shit the consumed the human life.

Joe-Do you believe that our existence is actually surged from Extraterrestrials? That we were actually created by hybrid beings?

Wilson-I believe and have had experiences that lead me to feel that this planet is an experiment like a school where many races from many parts of the universe or different planets and planes of existence were put in order to learn what is like to experience a lower density of being, along with other races of beings that perceive different from you, where you have to work through many thousands of different experiences to remember where you come from and who you are, but also believe that some humans are part of hybrid alien and goverment programs that have been going on for longer than we know.

Joe-I know you guys have a split coming out sometime this year “Animals Killing People/ Andromorphus Rexalia”. Do you think this release and that songs on it are going to top the previous releases as far as both bands are concerned?

Wilson-I certainly do.

Joe-If you were to explain Andro in a live setting with only one word. What would it be?


Joe-Thanks for doing the interview Wilson! Any last words concerning Andro or any of your other bands?

Wilson-Thanks for the interview man,look out for our AKP/ANDRO split soon...and be ready for this reality to be completely transformed..!