Monday, November 16, 2015

Water Torture "Pillbox" LP review

Its been a busy past few months for myself, which always seems to be the case,but here is a new article as always. This article right here is about one of my favorite new bands that's starting to make an impact in the underground. Check them out you won't be disappointed!!

Water Torture "Pillbox" LP

  Buffalo, New York's power violence/noise duo, Water Torture, offers up a debut LP, with crushing low end and decimating interludes of noise chaos in between.  I also like how even though this has noisy appeal, there are catchy riffs and well thought song structures amongst the chaos.  The mix of the noise/ambient interludes with the grind/sludge, make for a great pair, and it also adds build up to the chaos that is ahead. This makes for an impressive debut full length, and I hope the band continues to build on their chaotic sound!!

Last article for 2015 in the works....