Sunday, June 17, 2012

May/June Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

It took some time like usual,but here is the May/June Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions for you sick fuckers!!


Summer Dress and You Can Never Leave by Joe Soranaka


Bastard Deceiver "Demo 2012",Enigma "The Cross of Changes"LP, Defeated Sanity "Chapters of Repugnance" LP and Dehydrated Tissues "Feast on Infected Virulency" EP

We hope you enjoy. We are currently conceiving ideas for July/Aug.Be on the lookout for the Eugenic Dystopia LP from Panspermia as well.Should be out by the end of this month

Dehydrated Tissues"Feast on Infected Virulency" EP Review

Dehydrated Tissues “Feast on Infected Virulency” EP

I’ve been in contact and been a long time fan of Bobby Maggard’s noisier projects like Urinary Tract Infection from Severe Pus Clots and ExPxWx among many others.  Dehydrated Tissues however, has to be my favorite project of Bobbys. Dehydrated Tissues serves up a mix of groovy ass gore grind via Cock and Ball Torture and Disgorged Foetus and Gut and a noisy grind assault via old school Anal Cunt and Arsedestroyer. For a one man project this is far superb to other one man projects I’ve heard in the last 3 years to be quite honest. This isn’t the usual slam death one man bull shit that’s been tainting the scene for a bit. This is the way gore grind is supposed to be: groovy, fast and noisy as fuck!! Along with an Anal Cunt cover of Radio Hit this is definitely one of my favorites as far as up and coming bands are concerned! Definitely check it out!!!

Defeated Sanity "Chapters of Repugnance" LP Review

Defeated Sanity “Chapters of Repugnance” LP

I’m not really the biggest fan of technical death metal but there are a few bands that can do it right. Defeated Sanity is one of those bands. The band was formed back in 1994 by drummer Lille Gruber and his late father Wolfgang Teske(guitars) as a side project which later would evolve into a full time project. After making two full length albums and a series of splits and EPs, they would step into the studio to record “Chapters of Repugnance” which was released in 2010 and even though their previous records are definitely great records this one surpasses all of them in my opinion. The band are not only good musicians, but no one in the band overshadows the other even though there are standout moments on the guitar, bass and drums. They all somehow bring it back together and continue to decimate the listener with every track. Beginning with the intro track “Introitus” and building up to “Consumed by Repugnance” the band plays a technical style of death metal that also has groove to it making the music complex but not boring at all. The vocal assault by AJ Magna is impressive by far with an intense guttural growl that he seems to effortlessly spew forth. The violin pieces by Locko Richter on “Coerced into Idolatry” and “Blissfully Exsanguitated” add ambience and depth to this album. This is definitely an album I can listen to from start to finish and want more after all is said and done. Stand out tracks for me were “Consumed by Repugnance”, “Carnal Deliverance” and “Salacious Affinity” to name a few. I can’t wait until these guys make another record

Enigma "The Cross of Changes" LP Review

Enigma “The Cross of Changes”

  I heard a lot about Enigma when I was growing up, but never actually took the time to listen to it until my buddy Ammo Diaz (Animals Killing People/ex Panspermia) told me to check it out. I researched the band a bit and found out it was a project that was conceived by Michael Cretu while he was working in Germany. Enigma has been named the premier new age/world/ ambient project of the 90s and even though the band has had international success a lot really isn’t known about the actual group, with the exception of Cretu and various guest musicians composing the albums. There have been no documented live performances and the videos for the band are mainly just footage put together that never includes any of the band members. The album “Cross of Change” along with the band’s debut “MCMXC” are in my opinion the two best albums the band did in their entire career. Enigma blends a mix of electronic and ambient along with world music creating a composition that expresses a sense of searching and spirituality. This album definitely works if you’re into meditation or if you just need to relax after a stressful day. The opening track “Second Chapter” puts you in somewhat of a lucid trance, “Eyes of Truth” and “Return to Innocence” were the standout tracks for me demonstrating a mix of rock, world music and Enigma’s famous use of ethnic chants. “I Love You, I’ll Kill You”, “Dream of the Dolphin” and “Silent Warrior” is some other good tracks off the album that mix in these elements as well. This album to me represents the change that was brought in by religious influence and the idea of positive influence that turned negative in the end. The album which was recorded 19 years ago is still a masterpiece and definitely a favorite of mine in the ambient/world/new age genre

Bastard Deceiver "Demo 2012" Review

Bastard Deceiver “Demo 2012”(The cover art isn't the original art this is from the upcoming split release.I  decided to put this up,because there was no art for the 2012 demo)

  I heard about Bastard Deceiver at the end of last year while I believe it was in its early stages of formation. I know the band is the side project of Cellgraft guitarist Ryan Zell and I also know that the project was intended to be more of a d-beat/ hardcore punk side project. Even though the band goes under these tags, I still hear a lot of grindcore influence on this album via old school Napalm Death and Assuck with a touch of d-beat ala Disclose and Framtid. The band, (being a young and upcoming band) do know how to hold their own, but still have a few things to work on in my opinion. The vocals on the album which are harsh, raspy yells, seem to sound forced at certain points on the album and also lack variation. I think if she threw in a growl or a different type of vocal here and there it would add more intensity to the music. The drums and the guitars on the album were pretty on point for me. I think the drummer actually does a really great job with keeping the simplistic punk essence, but adds a bit of fancy fills and blasts were its deemed necessary. Even though the album had flaws (which were few) I do see this band growing and becoming a very intense unit. Keep an eye on them in the live circuit!

You Can Never Leave

You Can Never Leave

  Lost in the tide of emptiness, seeking happiness no one seems to find. I parade around the ballroom surrounded by a masquerade of faceless zombies all congregating for the same selfless reason. Greeted by a woman at the door her black dress darker than the night yet illuminated by a beautiful face that has so much to hide, she leads me down the corridor to a place I feel like I had been before? All the mirror images surrounded me as I came to a realization that I was never going to leave this scene. The dimly lit banquet hall was drenched in the darkest red that almost seemed to be the blood stains of many victims of the past. A table was lined with many of the most macabre faces I had ever seen. At the head of the table the master stood up and his dark red eyes gazed into my face. You have chosen this fate and now you must suffer dearly. I cried I can never check out of the place ever? He laughed and gazed back at me you can check out whenever you want my friend, but your soul is damned to wander these halls for all eternity.

Summer Dress

Summer Dress

I still can’t forget that summer dress. Innocence seemed to die that very day. The bright colors radiated the river on that warm summer morning. Tears of sorrow drenched the docks as people came to see. I can still see her beautiful face I can still caress her soft skin, but I can’t forget the look in her eyes. Those green eyes just seemed to leave an imprint on my memory. That’s all I have now as I fade into existence. If only you hadn’t poisoned your soul and had awaken from your restless slumber. So much you left behind so much you lost. As I look into the heart of the river my hands drenched in blood I will never forget the day you wore that summer dress.