Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sept and Oct Issues Pt 2

In the spirit of Halloween here is the Oct issue!

   Oct Issue: Tales of Halloween

 I recently discovered this film not to long ago and was a bit skeptical of it at first. I've always been a big fan of Halloween based horror anthologies. Though the more recent films have been disappointing. Surprisingly "Tales of Halloween"  was actually a pretty enjoyable watch. Each of the stories varying from tales of demon children, to witches, aliens, serial killers, demons and a killer pumpkin?? With a different spin each time from the ten different directors that took part in the creation of this film. Different perspectives of the directors gave it an"Tales from the Crypt" or "Masters of Horror" type vibe. Mixing the stories up with more of a darker comedy vibe such as "Friday the 31st" and "This Means War" broke the tension from the more darker tales like " Trick" and the "Weak and the Wicked" and just gave the film a bit more variety. Now for me the classic anthologies will always be "Tales from the Dark side,", "Creepshow," and "Trick R Treat." "Tales of Halloween" stands its ground and adds another collection of creepy tales to the tradition of all hallows eve.

Sept and Oct Issues pt 1.

To the readers I apologize for the delay on the issues coming out. For those that didn't know I turned 30 last month, and decided for the Sept issue to review the first album I ever received 18 years ago. So without further ado here is the Sept issue:

Metallica "Ride the Lighting"
   It feels like yesterday when about 18 years ago  I recieved my first introduction into heavy metal and later underground music. I remember on my 12th birthday being excited about recieving the "Ride the Lighting" CD.  I immediately popped the CD into the radio and hearing the clean melodic intro which would then burst into the heavy fast riff of "Fight Fire with Fire". It hit a nerve with me that has stuck with me to this day. Every time I hear that first riff of that song I just can't help but feel like I want to go ape shit. I feel like even though Metallica was already working on more commercial based material on this recording like tunes such as "Fade to Black" and even "Escape" they still made an impact with killer thrash numbers like "Trapped under ice", "Ride the Lighting", "Creeping Death" and "Fight Fire with Fire". "The Call of Kthulu" is an instrumental masterpiece and is a great ending for this record. Its beauty and mystery meshes well with the dark and heavy. While I enjoy "Kill em all" and "Master of Puppets", "Ride the Lightning" will continue to be my favorite of the classic three. Mainly for its intensity as well as its creativity in the songwriting. I have to give respect to Metallica regardless of what their currently doing or even if the music they create now isn't to my taste. They continued to innovate, create, and still continue to do what they love to do no matter the obstacles. Most bands are vanquished in little time, but Metallica continues to go forward and inspire. They inspired me to look forward and to realize I wasn't alone, that because I didn't follow what was normal made me an individual and would pave the way for the creative path I took. This album will always be one of my favorites no matter how much time passes.