Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan/Feb Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions is up!!!!

Sorry for the delay,had a lot going on this month.The reformation of Haemotodipsomania plus all the work with Panspermia has been keeping me busy.Here is the Jan/Feb issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.The Gored Interview hasn't been received,but it will be posted in the future.Also the future issues of Cryptic Inscriptions will be monthly and limited to one album review,and it'll also feature one of the many macabre poems I'll be working on throughout the year.

Time to awaken those who sleep...


Jan Feb Issue features:

Barn Owl "From our Mouths a Perpetual Light" LP, Custodian" Faults in the Structure" Cassette,Impetigo "Horror of the Zombies" LP and Disgorged Foetus "Years of Goremageddon" Compilation.

Disgorged Foetus "Years of Goremaggedon" Compliation

Disgorged Foetus “Years of Goremageddon” Compliation

As far as Goregrind is concerned Disgorged Foetus has to be one of my favorites in the genre. Along with Cock and Ball Torture and Last Days of Humanity Disgorged Foetus serves up a platter of guts and brains to match up with their groovy punky grindy sound.I feel the band is a bit underrated and I didn’t personally hear about them until I picked up a three way split that featured Disgorged Foetus along with Carnival of Carnage and Vivisection. It was an interesting mix. No guitars just bass and drums with pitch shifted vocals. It was weird and different which instantly turned me on to it. I feel the band was a bit underrated and it’s a shame because they had a lot to offer, but at least they left us with Years of Goremageddon, which is a compilation of early demos and the split release. Unfortunately a full length was never recorded just these demos and the material for the split. The material on the album has a very punk d-beat esque sound matched with pitched vocals. These two definitely make good bedfellows. You can’t help wanting to move when you hear it. The band did play a few shows which are also included as live tracks on the CD. Disgorged Foetus was disgusting, repulsive and catchy and to me they were definitely detrimental to the forming of the more groove oriented gore/porno grind scene. For fans of Cock and Ball Torture, Satans Revenge on Mankind and The Day Everything Became Nothing I definitely recommend this release!!!

Impetigo "Horror of the Zombies" LP

Impetigo “Horror of the Zombies” LP

I decided to go back in time to the past and review Horror of the Zombies by Impetigo. Let’s face it without the past, the present or the future wouldn’t exist. During the late 80s and early 90s Impetigo entered the scene with Ultimo Mondo Cannibale and would follow it up with Horror of the Zombies. The album is a good mix of old school grind, thrash and punk along with a bunch of samples from B rated horror movies. Don’t let the B-rated horror samples fool you though. Impetigo, behind the goofy image, is made up of extremely talented musicians and after listening to them I can really see a lot of their influence still has a big impact in the upcoming gore/horror and porno grind scene. From the opening track “Bone yard” to the final track “Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue” the band doesn’t take a break at enticing the listener with one bone crushing track after another. The guitar work is dark and sinister and along with Stevos pitched shifted growls, death grunts and blood curdling screams this is the perfect soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse or a post apocalyptic takeover. The production on this one is 10 times better than Ultimo Mondo as well. Not saying Ultimo isn’t a good album, but production wise I prefer the sound of Horror of the Zombies. I hope Impetigo will decide to reunite for another show like they did back in 2007, I guess only time will tell.

Custodian "Faults in the Structure"Cassette Release

Custodian “Faults in the Structure” Cassette release

I recently acquired this release from Jon Engman himself. Custodian never ceases to impress me. In the harsh noise genre Engman really seems to outdo himself, just as he’s done in the past with his various grindcore, black metal and death metal bands. The release seems to be angrier, harsher and more distant from humanity or the simple notion of human contact in general. This time Engman emphasizes a lot of stop and go formula into this release. Giving it variation which seems to lack in a lot of harsh noise acts; every time I listen to Custodian I feel like distancing myself from the world and separating myself from trend or the everyday common things that’ll entertain any normal human being; if you aren’t open minded and can’t see past the generic structure of what music is suppose to be this release isn’t for you. Crust the ignorant with noise!!!!

Barn Owl "From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light"

Barn Owl “From our Mouths a Perpetual Light” LP

I took a complete detour as far as listening to music was concerned last year. I really took a liking to a lot of ritual ambient and drone esque releases. One release that really grabbed my attention was a release by San Francisco drone/psychedelic duo Barn Owl. “From our Mouths a Perpetual Light” is a spiritual shamanic journey into the human soul with various soundscapes laden with keyboards, effects, guitars and very minimal percussion. Barn Owl opens the listener to a whole other dimension that is intangible and can only be seen with the mind’s eye. The crisp production and the tone of the instruments all mesh well together and create a musical masterpiece that’ll continue to live even after we have ceased to exist. The artwork appears to be in the vein of a Native American deity of some type. While the themes really seem to tap into Native American shamanism and ritualistic spiritual healing that’ll give you a relaxed calm feeling when you are listening. Music is the gateway to the soul and this release really emphasizes that statement.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on Jan/Feb issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

Been busy with a bunch of personal shit lately,but I will be getting to work on the Jan/Feb issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.Expect 1 interview and 4 reviews.Also Ashley has returned to help me with the zine.Time to shine a light on the end times...