Monday, August 6, 2018

The future of Cryptic Inscriptions

 Due to wanting to pursue other things this will be the end of Cryptic Inscriptions. I've kept this going since 2009 starting this with my brother and my then girlfriend at the time. Both of them would fizzle out but I decided to keep going forward with it. At this point though I want to focus on the podcast I'm doing now called "Into the Rabbit Hole" as well as my current musical projects "Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate" and "Sea of Apparitions". My decision comes from just being super busy, not having enough time, and not wanting to settle for less. I will probably still write and put stuff on here ever once in a while or when time allows. I do want to thank everyone who's supported the zine throughout its nine year existence. Thank you for your support:

I will continue to post on here but just updates on the podcast and my bands.

R.I.P. 2009-2018

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