Tuesday, April 18, 2017

March Issue "Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate History"

I apologize for the March issue being late. This past month has been a very busy one for me. I decided for this issue to post the official history of my main musical endeavor "Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate". Enjoy readers..

March 2017 Issue:

  Since the beginning of this year I've been thinking a lot about the music.I've made in the past and the current music I'm currently working on. I've been involved in a lot of bands and projects over the years. Recently though, I haven't had the opportunity to give a lot of interviews or have band bios and pages like I did in the past. So I decided for this issue to go into brief detail on my main endeavor Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate, for anyone who is curious. Since there really isn't a lot of information about the band as a whole, I wanted to set things straight about the bands history. I formed the band in the winter of 2013 along with brothers Justin(drums) and Josh(guitar) Williams after the demise of Justin and I's other band Panspermia. We would play our first show at the Pre INC Fest in Jacksonville in January of 2014. The lineup would change several times.Josh left the band and I would take over the guitars and do vocals. Justin left after a time and I enlisted the help of my friend and former Panspermia band mate Dave Carrin(drums). I decided to move to Houston Texas in 2016 and would join forces with Frank(drums) and Seattle(vocals) of Cryptic Void and Turbokrieg. After jamming a few short months we would play our first gig with PLF,DOME, Battle Rifle, and Turbokrieg. Carlos(bass) formerly of Dethroned, would join the band later in the year making the first complete lineup. Seattle left the band in early 2017 and we have decided to stay a three piece for the time being. We've played a decent amount of shows and have a impressive collection of releases. Our music ranges from noisecore on the earlier material, grindcore for the middle and current period, and we've even done a few experimental electronic releases as well.

Most of these releases can be found and ordered from me directly at: 


Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate in 2017 are:

Joe-guitar/vocals (2013-present)

Frank-drums (2016-present)



Justin-drums/vocals/samples( 2013-2015, 2016)

Dave-drums (2015-2016)



Gory Maiden (Comp Release)

Split with Gangrene DIscharge(net release)

Split with Bowel Rot(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Death Orchestrations and Apocalyptic Hymns( Exalted Woe Records)

3 way split with Enterrohagia and Chamber of Tapeworms(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Split with Guinea Pig(Regrugitated Stoma Stew Productions)

Split with Corvid Canine(Abstract Orchestrations)

Split with MDFL(Abstract Orchestrations)

Split with Los Reyesz Bong Death(Abstract Orchestrations)

4 way elecronic split with Undocumented Dweller, Garsnorkskish Vrendipular and Aesthetic Alien Agenda

Cute and Cuddly Kittens vs Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate split(net release)

Coming Soon:

Split with Nibiru

Split with Aputasos and Negative Graves (Kitchen Vomit Records)

To end this off I want to thank anyone who has supported us and anyone that has helped us along the way. It will never be forgotten and is much appreciated. See you guys soon.