Monday, December 21, 2015

Final Inscription 2015

     The final issue for 2015 for Cryptic Inscriptions. I hope everyone has enjoyed the past issues and this one, and I have a busy year planned for 2016,but will attempt to get these up during the year.Enjoy.

                                            Society headed for Collapse:
                             1984, Fahrenheit 451, We and Brave New World

   These four masterpieces, by these great literary masterminds, post the question I think we need to ask ourselves in this day and age.  Are we losing grip of the very freedoms we take for granted? In the age of advancement, where technology is booming, and it seems as man is caging himself in a mechanical prison, we seem to be moving closer to the horrors that these writers were conjuring back when these novels first came out.  All these novels bring this subject to the table under different circumstances. Orwell's "1984" describes a society that is under surveillance by the power know as big brother, Huxley's "Brave New World" describes a society where mankind is reduced to an enslaved, drug-induced culture, where a man called the "savage,"  is more in tune with his own emotions than the advance culture who condemns him.Zamyatin's communist satire "We" about One State, a nation who is willing to believe whatever it's told even if it means sacrificing their own freedom, while finally Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" on the other hand, tells of a society that burns books for their knowledge and power, that they fear will rise question to the propaganda and fear that is being instilled in them. It's almost terrifying to read how spot on these novels are, and how much more truth than fiction these stories profess. The ignorance and fear of man is the greatest threat to his freedom and his well being.  We could be leading ourselves into an age of imprisonment.  I definitely recommend reading all four of these in your lifetime.