Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now the May 2015 Issue:

Now the May issue which is about one of my favorite compositions by one of my favorite composers:

Review of Modest Mussgorsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition (Composition Review)

  I have been on a classical music spree as of late, and one such composer who goes by Modest Mussgorsky has been one I’ve been listening to a lot these days. The Russian composer’s composition “Pictures at an Exhibition” is broken down into a journey, where an onlooker glances at various art through various movements that are played out in this piece. The tour of this composition showcases the pieces of art through various emotions and sounds. It almost reminds me of someone who walks into an art gallery and see it come to life. It takes him to different paths and situations in his life’s journey, with emotions of happiness, anger, sorrow, love, and anxiety.  By painting art with sound, Mussgorsky definitely achieved the status of a masterpiece by creating this work.

Alright everyone I hoped you enjoyed these!! I will be working on the next three so keep a lookout and enjoy till next time...

April Issue 2015

For all the current race brutality that's been going on figured this song fit for the issues we still face today:

My thoughts on Carnivore’s”Race War” (Song Review)

So one might think of me as being racist for posting about this song or talking about its meaning, but actually, if one reads the lyrics I believe Carnivore’s “Race War” is more about the hatred humanity brings upon itself rather than an anthem for hate mongers. The stereotypes man implicates through media manipulation has lead to Black vs. White, Red vs. Yellow, Muslim vs. Jew, Christians vs. Protestants. Man has the nature to hate what he/she doesn’t understand. By putting boundaries amongst ourselves and upon other cultures, traditions where implicating the mass destruction of the human race as we know it. You think after years of suffering and war, man would understand, but unfortunately, they do not. I can’t say that Peter Steele was being ironic by writing this song, but after reading it over, it’s the sad truth that we deal with even to this day.

Not one but three new issues up!!! March 2015 Issue

Been busy as hell as of late, and feel bad for not keeping up with this. So here is the March,April and May editions of the zine. Going to take time to work on the June,July and Aug issues so that way this doesn't happen again.

Hope you enjoy starting with the March isssue:

It Follows (Movie Review)

Not a lot of films that have come out in the recent years have impressed me, but the recently released David Robert Mitchell film “It Follows” is one worth checking out. The premise of the story revolves around a young girl named Jay Height, who has a strange sexual encounter with her boyfriend Hugh.  Jay is told that she will be followed by an entity unless she has sex with someone else.  Otherwise it will seek her out and kill her. The movie itself revolves around her and her friends as she is plagued with visions of being followed by strange people, leaving her wondering whose real or not real, leaving you with an anxious feeling. After finding out that Hugh’s real name is Jeff Redmond, the plot unveils itself more as the movie continues, (which I won’t spoil for anyone). From what I’ve read, there has been a lot of debate over what exactly the movie represents, or what the director’s message was trying to relay.  From what I gathered, it seemed that the film could be talking about several things, for example: 
The lingering fear of sexual disease, or the shame that follows one around.
 The repressed feelings or experiences that lurk in our minds.
Wasted time in relationships leading to unhappy results.
 The movie itself is very dark and menacing, slowly creeping upon you when you least expect it. The soundtrack, created by artist, Disaster Peace, fits very well with the film.  It gives off a very 70s/80s horror themed sound. For fans of supernatural horror films, I recommend this one.  You won’t be disappointed.