Sunday, October 11, 2015

Midnight Syndicate "Born of the Night" LP Review

Midnight Syndicate "Born of the Night"

 Ohio based neoclassical/electronica act "Midnight Syndicate's" sophomore release, "Born of the Night," is a must have for fans of horror and halloween soundtrack collections. The band’s ecleptic soundscapes  paint imagery and scenary from the darkest realm, leading the listener into their own bizarre imagination, walking from room to room, facing the horrors that hide behind every door. The recording itself is blend of synthesizers and keyboards, along with different voice narrations and other sounds, that blend to create these sound waves of horror.  "Haunted Nursery" definitely reminds me of something stragiht out of "Rosemary's Baby" while "Nightstalker" marches into the lair of the beast.  The title track sets the scene for a dark graveyard on a cold night while the illumination of the midnight moon sets the stage for unholy. The one thing I admire the most about this group is its ability to make the listener use their imagination as well as enjoy the soundscape. Definitely recommend this for ambient listeners and fans of horror films.