Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug 2017 Issue

Hello to all the readers I hope everything has been well. I decided to actually get it together and release this issue on time for once. I will begin working on the September-December issues very soon, but here is the August 2017 issue of the zine.

                       Aug Issue  "Observation of Richi Jones playing Baker Street"

  I recently stumbled upon this video while I was listening to the original version that was recorded by "Gerry Rafferty". The scenario in this video is of a young man named Richi Jones playing this song at what looks like a corporate awards dinner. I wanted to point out a few things I noticed in this video. One: the kid plays his heart out to an audience who could care less. Two: the soullessness of the crowd can be depicted right off bat. It's just another company dinner with corporate cronies who probably hate each other and are making mindless small talk, having nothing in common except using each other for their own greedy gains. I could be just digging deep on that one and jumping to conclusions, but I've worked company dinner events and that scenario isn't far from the truth. Third: Richi stops in between to take a drink and no even realizes that he's stopped. The look on his face is that of someone who can tell no one is even bothering to listen maybe with the exception of whoever filmed this. Lastly: after he finishes playing the last note not one person claps, cheers, or even boos. It's gives you the distinction that they don't even realize he exists or that he's talented. The video fits with the sadness of the original song's message and shows talent and genius falling on the deaf ears of the masses. I hope Richi gets to play to an audience who actually appreciates him. A few fun facts about the song that are almost as crazy. The original musician who played the memorable sax solo on the original recording "Raphael Ravenscroft" was paid a mere £27( 34 us dollars). He never received any other royalties for the song and the check he originally received bounced. While "Gerry Rafferty" literally made a million a year on the songs royalties even until his death. While both Rafferty and Ravenscroft have passed away since the legacy of this song continues to live to this day.