Monday, August 27, 2012

July/Aug Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

Another issue has been posted up! We like to thank everyone for their patience.I decided to put the reviews first and the poems at the end. For the poem "As the Molded Clay Begins to Crumble" I originally had a different picture in mind to use,but this picture actually touched me when I looked at it, and it does give a good representation of what I was talking about in the poem itself.So the July/Aug issue is as follows:


"Nisroch/Crooked Look" Split Tape,White Mice "Ganjaovadose" LP ,Dystopia "Human=Garbage" E and Sabled Sun"2145" LP


The Blood Covered Snow and As the Molded Clay Begins to Crumble by Joe Soranaka

Two more issues to be completed before the end of the year.Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec more info coming soon...Enjoy

Joe and Ashley

As the Molded Clay Begins to crumble


As the molded clay begins to crumble

     A beginning must have an end, life evolves into death, and the earth creates and yet also destroys. Your life flashing as your hands crumble into dust and your reflection seems to age with the cruelty of time. A distant cry from the far beyond goes unheard as you return into the earth from whence you came. Tears turn into ashes as you fade into a memory that no one will recall. The clay statue crumbles at the horrors and atrocities of things that have never had a chance to be achieved.

The Blood Covered Snow

       The Blood Covered Snow

           Bloody tears flow from her innocent face. The snow capturing her everlasting beauty as she continues forth to a destiny only she can choose. Her life taken by those who hated what they couldn’t understand; lying on the ground connecting with the only thing that truly understands her, mother earth embraces and keeps her comforted as she changes shape. The beast that dwelled within her exposed and the cries of vengeance go unheard. As her life begins to slip from the hands of fate, the only thing left is the imprint she left in the pearl white snow….

Sabled Sun "2145" LP Review

Sabled Sun “2145” LP 

The new futuristic/post apocalyptic/dark ambient project from mastermind Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) takes a new darker turn into the ambient genre. The album opens up with a spoken word piece which is basically representing a man/survivor reading a journal entry he has just written. The basis of the album itself is the end of the world as we know, but not really an end, but a new beginning. Heath’s pure genius surges out of the recording with sound effects/synth sounds layered to create the best atmosphere to represent a post apocalyptic scenario. The recording is uncompressed in a 24 bit recording which gives it lower output volume but more of a dynamic range for a more enhanced listening experience. The one thing that remains a mystery will the wanderer find hope or is he forever lost? We can only wait and find out! 

Dystopia "Human = Garbage" EP Review

Dystopia “Human=Garbage’ EP

This album basically sums up my opinion of the human race… but that’s another story. This album by the defunct sludge crust band Dystopia definitely left a mark on the crust and sludge/doom scenes. Dystopia isn’t exactly a fast band but they are an intense angry band. They almost give you that feeling of built up aggression and anger ready to be unleashed upon whoever crosses your path. The band is a three piece of drums, guitar and bass that all do vocals respectively. The title track starts off with clean slow bass that builds up with a vocal rant that imposes hatred on society and the stress modern day life imposes on us followed by flanger soaked guitars and intense drums and shrieks complemented with growls. This song definitely starts the album off on a good start. “Hands that mold” starts off with a nasty sludgy bass line that is followed by droning but intense drums with a sickening vocal trade off that shows putrid screams and decimating growls. The transitions of the song are nice too with clean breaks that follow up with heavy and intense grindy sections. The lyrical message of the band definitely drew me to them as well. “Sanctity” touches on suicide, “Ignorance and Pride” touches on gang violence and class discrimination while “Love/Hate” touches on domestic violence and violence towards women, things that exist in everyday life, but what man seems to ignore. Most bands can’t do with 20 songs what Dystopia did with 5, to me this is truly an intense record and I definitely recommend picking it up. Dystopia basically took various emotions and put them on record and along with original sounding music this record will be slaying listeners for times to come.

White Mice "Ganjaovadose" LP Review

White Mice “Ganjaovadose” LP

The abrasive harsh noise/grind band from Providence Rhode Island that graces the stage with bloody lab coats and mice masks released several releases before this but this one honestly stands out the most for me. The album opens up with the track
“Passthefist” with its rockabilly style drum, distorted bass, electronics, noise, samples and vocals that almost remind me of underground black metal (not the symphonic crap that everybody and their mother likes). The title track and the “Hard on of Edam” enter with a doom esque sound that still keeps things going crazy with drums, but take it down a notch with the bass and electronics,” The Shroud of Urine” goes back to their “Mouse of Mendes” days with more of electronic esque sound minus the drums ,bass and vocals, The “Crapture” is another intense track on this record as well and if you haven’t noticed the band uses a lot of slapstick titles to go along with their weird experimental music. This record, which is the last one they, did definitely show the bands progression and left a nice scar on their noisy legacy. Even though they went on tour with Skinny Puppy the White Mice are underrated in my opinion and don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve. This is definitely a weird band and not for everyone. Harsh noise and noise grind fans might appreciate this more.

"Nisroch/Crooked Look Split" Tape Review

Nisroch/ Crooked Look Split Tape

I recently checked out Nisroch and was quite impressed by the aggression and intensity of the band. I listened to the split tape they did with fellow Jacksonville band Crooked Look and for local bands this was actually a pretty good split tape. I favored Nisroch a bit more than Crooked Look but both bands do a good job as far as performance goes. Nisroch delivers three tracks of intense blackened grindcore while Crooked Look delivers two tracks of old school hardcore with some elements of punk. Nisroch opens up with the song “Cataract” which starts off with a doom esque intro which punches you in the face with abrasive grindcore. The guitar breaks, the drumming and the bass lines (especially the one on the song “Searing Limbs”) are dark and depressive which ends their side of the split with an apocalyptic undertone. I see Nisroch taking it to the next level if all goes well for them. Crooked Look delivers some pretty intense hardcore punk with angry but snotty punk vocals and solid drums with the guitar and bass fitting in nicely. I like the guitar solo on the song “By a Noose” while the break section on the same song with the guitar and drums fits in nicely. Who knows, there might be a hint of hope for Jacksonville!?