Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween Issue 2017

We are approaching the fall season my favorite time of year.I decided to review one of my favorite albums,and one I usually like listening to during the fall/Halloween season. So here it is enjoy readers:

                               Oct Issue-Type o Negative "Bloody Kisses" LP

   As fall approaches I decided to review this classic album from Type O Negative,that fits perfectly with the Halloween and fall season. Type O Negative's third album brought the band out of the metal underground and into the mainstream. This album is a brilliant mix of Gothic metal, doom and hardcore punk that has lyrics ranging from depression, suicide and blatant sarcasm. "Christian Women" and "Black No 1" have the perfect amount of catchiness to sing along with and the perfect amount of heaviness to bang your head to. "Kill all the White People" and "We Hate Everyone" are more along the lines of the late Peter Steele's former band "Carnivore"that have more of a fast paced hardcore/punk sound .The band's cover of Seals and Crofts "Summer Breeze" was ingeniously done taking a more happier sounding song and transforming it into a much darker sounding orchestration. "Sets me on Fire" is definitely "Beatles" worship done well with it's late 60s/70s vibe and wah driven guitar sound in the breaks. My two favorite tracks are the title track which is dark goth doom metal masterpiece.This is also the first song I ever heard from the band in general. The dark organ intro, the distorted bass, screaming sustain of the guitar solo, and the primitive, powerful, yet somber pace of the drums that keep it all together make for a winning combination.My other favorite track "I Can't Lose You" is a more melancholy composition with an emotionally driven sitar piece that flows well with the music and Steele's baritone voice crooning throughout the song. This album is a win all the way and the musicians themselves prove to be the perfect match. There will never be another band like it and I want to take the time to thank them for their influence and for creating this timeless masterpiece
Thank you: Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Sal Abruscato, Johnny Kelly and the green man Pete Steele-R.I.P. 1962-2010.

Want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween/Samhain.

Sept 2017 Issue

Sorry for the delay readers! September has been a busy month for me,but here is the Sept and Oct issues of the web zine:

                      Sept Issue- The Alex Jones Prison Planet "Crush the Parasites" EP

  The man, the myth, the legend, and now the vocalist for the "Alex Jones Prison Planet"... Well not exactly the vocalist, but close enough. The legend Alex Jones has been known in the conspiracy world for years now. The creator and driving force behind the "Info Wars" brand Jones has tackled issues such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, The Illuminati, and many more. Now his famous rants have been sampled and used in places of vocals for the Alex Jones Prison Planet. The Waterbury Connecticut brutal death project actually supplies killer tunes alongside the crazed rants of Jones. The drum programming and guitars sound tight and on point with decent production. My favorite moment is on the guitar break after Jones yells on the "Gloves Are off" followed by Jones going off fits perfectly! The demon noises he makes on "Goblet of Death" works well and definitely made me laugh. While some might just brush this aside as some gimmick I actually think this is quite ingenious. This is one of the more original projects I've heard all year in my honest opinion. "Excuse Me".

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