Monday, September 22, 2014

Mohican " Honest Red" EP Review

Been a busy few months,but things will be slowing down here soon.. Here is the review for Sept!!!


Mohican “Honest Red” EP

 Philadelphia's Mohican debut EP “Honest Red” is a perfect blend of instrumental post rock and shoegaze that speaks to the listener with emotions, bleeding through esoteric sound. The beauty of instrumental music is that you can gather your own meaning, whether it is on the lighter context or more on the darker side. The one thing I love about this record is all three of these musicians work really well together and no one tries to over shadow the other. These 5 tracks are all amazing in their own way, the perfect blend of ghostly melodies and hypnotic heaviness. Mohican stands out from a lot of the newer up and coming bands, mainly for the fact that they are just three guys doing what they love, while at the same time gaining an audience and putting out memorable material. I believe they will continue to attract listeners for years to come. I recommend this for fans of Mogwai, Red Sparrows, Explosions in the Sky and Pelican.