Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nov/Dec Issue Posted!!!!

So after all is said and done the year is coming to an end.We like to thank everyone who has supported us and checked out the reviews,poems and interviews we have posted!!! Masami unfortunately didn't participate this time around so all reviews and the poems are by yours truly!! So here is the last issue of 2013.

All Reviews and Poems by Joe:

The Gate "Vomit Dreams" LP Review

Tatsuya Nakatani "Present Presence: LP Review

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo" Review

Infinite Structure "Pavement" EP Review

Alaskan "The Weak and the Wounded" EP Review

3XA "Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma” LP Review


Rites of Mutilation 

Erasing Memories

Enjoy everyone and see you in 2014!!! 

Erasing Memories

Erasing Memories

 Dwelling on the past seeking answers to questions of a time that has past by in haze of hazy recollections, as we hold on to the elixir of sorrow in our aging hands and the clock ticks and mockingly laughs at our unhappiness. I break free from the chains that have held me down and awaken to find new memories that I shall happily embrace. The child inside must die before the master can be set free.

Rites of Mutilation

Rites of Mutilation

 Severing the connection and obtaining spiritual sensation. The rivers of the Nile flowing from the banks of the source, as the current takes the wheel and drives you off to the brick road of divination, taking the wheel of destiny I alone have seen the face of destiny.

3XA "Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma" LP Review

3XA “Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma” LP

  Another of the many, many, and dare I say again, many projects of Bobby Maggard. This latest slab of splatter and gore is from a new project he created earlier this year called 3XA;this particular EP release is entitled “Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma”. The experimental splatter gore grind project has some similarities to Maggard’s other projects, but the presence of techno beats, which make various appearances on tracks, complement well with the nasty Tumor, Biocyst, Anal Whore influences that soak this release. The one thing that caught me off guard was the clean guitar part in the beginning.  I have nothing against clean guitar, I but wasn’t expecting that on this release, which makes it all the more interesting (in my opinion of course).  Don’t let that fool you because this release isn’t for the light hearted.  It is for the bare bones gore grind fan no lyrics-no titles just pure chaotic gory nonsense!!! FUCK OFF!! 

Alaskan “The Weak and the Wounded” EP

  Canadian Atmospheric Sludge/Doom outfit, Alaskan, definitely delivers a mix of sonic madness with their 2010 EP “The Weak and Wounded.” A lot of beauty and the beast qualities can be picked up on this record. From the start of the haunting opening sample, followed by the band's aggressive sludge metal approach, complemented by the hypnotic melodies that can be heard in a lot of post rock/post metal material. You can feel the energy being captured on this album, without the live feel being taken away.  It gives it an almost primitive and raw feel without lacking in sound quality. It’s great to see that these guys are still going strong, and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store!! For Fans of ISIS, Downfall of Gai, Neurosis and Mouth of the Architect.

Infinite Structure "Pavement' EP Review

Infinite Structure “Pavement” EP

  Infinite Structure, another project creation from the bizarre and abstract mind of Jon Engman(Custodian/Kathogah/Urth/ex Foestopy/ ex Brodequin), brings forth a dark, atmospheric, and minimalist offering, with 5 untitled tracks on this EP. The dark atmospheres, laden with repetitive beats, give an apocalyptic feel that lays ground for the demise of man, or the brink of civilization being brought down to its knees. The saying less is more definitely works especially with this particular recording. I could see this being played behind a black and white horror film, apocalyptic film, or even a war film.  It could even represent someone coming to terms with reality,being trapped in their own insanity or figuring out the true meaning of life. I would recommend this for all power electronic, dark ambient, and experimental noise fans- also anyone big into Scorn would definitely enjoy this.To check out this and other stuff from Jon go to this link:

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo" Review

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo"

  Jacksonville local drone/grunge group, Youth Ministry, unearthed a 4 song demo that mixes hypnotic melodies and heavy drones to create a meditative heavy release.  That description alone gives a great representation of the group. Formerly known as Remains- who I’ve reviewed in an earlier issue-, Youth Ministry takes a slightly different turn in sound, while Remains has more of an apocalyptic sound.  Youth Ministry seems to focus more on taking melody and catchy hooks and slowing them down; and still retaining the loud heavy aspect to not completely abandon their doom drone roots. I enjoyed all 4 of the tracks, but “Smoke” and “Always Moving” really caught my attention  I really hope that these guys make a full length or at least another EP!  If you’re a Jacksonville local definitely make sure to check them out when they play live.  You won’t be disappointed!!!  Recommend for fans of Earth,Sonic Youth and True Widow.

Tatsuya Nakatani "Present Presence" LP Review

  Tatsuya Nakatani “Present Presence” LP

  Renowned experimental musician, Tatsuya Nakatni, is known for his many collaborations with various musicians in the experimental/jazz/ and world music scenes. I actually got the privilege to see him along with Jamison Williams and jazz legend, Eugene Chadbourne.  Together, they perform a live soundtrack to silent Japanese horror film which was definitely a great experience!!! I picked up his solo record at this performance and although his performances with other musicians are exceptionally great, his solo performance was even better. The album entitled “Present Presence” is a mixture of dark haunting chants and tones, along with Nakatni’s notorious experimental approach to percussion with the use of bows on cymbals and his tribal- sounding drumming. Haunting dark sounds almost make you feel like you’re in a dark forest with no idea of the horrors that lie within. Even though I enjoyed the record, I really like the vibes of Nakatani’s live performance.  This is where you really get the idea of what he’s trying to go for. If he comes to your area, definitely check him out, solo or collaboration!

The Gate "Vomit Dreams" LP Review

The Gate “Vomit Dreams” LP

   New York Experimental Jazz/Doom weirdo’s, The Gate, blend together an eccentric mix of improvised free jazz along with hints of doom madness.  I actually picked this up from the band’s bassist, Tom Blancarte, at a local show he was playing with his other group, The Home of Easy Credit. The band portrays a dark vibe, followed by free-for-all moments where the three players go off.  Something intriguing to me is how they still manage to keep it together and sound amazing. The band has a very primitive feel to it as well. Some moments on the record I could imagine myself in a jungle setting with natives going crazy over a fire while a tuba player, bassist and drummer are going off. I’m not too sure how well known these guys are, but if you haven’t heard them I definitely recommend giving them a listen!!