Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cryptic Void "Pschomanteum" Review

 I know its a bit late,but I have been busy as hell already this year. I just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!! Here is the first issue of Cryptic Inscriptions to start off the new year!! 

Cryptic Void "Pschomanteum" Review:
 As far as the United States goes, Texas is the state for grindcore, and promotes a host of kick ass bands. Cryptic Void is definitely one of them. The members themselves are no strangers to the underground scene.  They have all played in numerous grind and death metal acts over the years, and they have paved the way with their previous outfits. I have to state, from start to finish, that I love the sheer intensity of this album.  Even though there are a lot of great blasting grind sections in this, Cryptic Void knows how to throw bits of groove and old school riffs into the mix, balancing everything out, and not leaving the material sounding bland and repetitive. Production is flawless on this album; every nuance is audible and not buried in the mix, with all the instruments and musicians complementing each other well, and not over shadowing each other. The natural drum sound on this album is a definite enjoyment for me.  I don't mind triggers on occasion, but I enjoy hearing the natural sound of the kicks and not the over produced type writer sound that a lot of bands in the underground seem to embrace. Even though this material leans more towards an old school approach, which is definitely not a bad thing, it still feels fresh and still kicks you in the teeth, leaving you wanting even more. My only complaint is how short the album was, but its grindcore, so less is definitely more at times.  I can't wait to hear more and hope these guys continue punishing listener’s ears for years to come. Check them out at their bandcamp page and also on their west coast tour.


January 21st Houston, TX
January 22nd San Antonio, TX
January 23rd Phoenix, AZ
January 24th Los Angeles, CA
January 25th Los Angeles, CA
January 26th Oakland, CA
January 27th Fresno, CA
January 28th Flagstaff, AZ
January 29th Albuquerque, NM
January 30th El Paso, TX
January 31st Austin, TX

Enjoy see you next month!!