Saturday, August 24, 2013

July/Aug Issue Posted

Been busy with band and personal stuff like always,but here is the new issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.Two more issues are left for 2013!!! Enjoy them while it lasts....

All Reviews by Joe:

Church Whip "Psychedelic Nightmare" LP, State Poison "Self Titled 12 inch" LP, WhereAreYouLiam "Case of Liquid Melancholy" LP and Tribes of Neurot "Adaptation and Survival" The Insect Project LP Review

Poems by Joe

Am I Transparent???

Poems by Masami

A Shot in the Dark?!, Armchair Arachnid, Hypnosis of Hades and Dear Delirium

We hope you guys enjoy the new issue, and once things slow down a bit we will get to work on the Sept/Oct issue..

Dear Delirium

Dear Delirium,...

  Dear delirium, you are no longer that waning image I'd once in childhood knew, & so holding a revolver loaded with so many rounds of possibility why choose to fire so few? Clowning around with your awkward ankles filling these skinny shoes, this bar band boredom a baleful blemish of this (?idle-ideal?) “Blues”, but he's not your typical style of specimen who you could consider all “really” here or there. For we're in that nonsensically natural moment named everywhere.... & well it seems darling that our daylight hours grow numbered amongst those proposing few. Her gut to pale to tell these courting fools what she'd really like them to do! I'd assume your sense of logic is even a riddle to you. So once more these loose strings snap out of the moments tune, & it’s been such a long time. Since you've weighed your quarters out on the back of a dime, powdering your pills in private places, wearing those “soulless” shoes wrapped about without laces. Perhaps in thirty days I'll piss out all your traces...

The Hypnosis of Hades

The Hypnosis of Hades

Savant of emotional sciences, your psychic scabies are a shamanic stone shock waving our senses into a state of Samadhi. Constructing a temple “Independent” of glass insects squirming through the watchers “I” ?? These accretions aging our arms into an intense acupuncture of those adolescent archetypes rewriting our histories to restore that lost moment. Laughter centering at the source of medicines that remedy the serpents bite! As imposing limits were lifted in a focused fashion. For these days our hours didn't set to float by in the faint light of an evening’s fog, & oh what memories had we been trying to forget all these sleeping years? Their symbolism seen through strangers that surround loose legged tables... A stolen youth?! & this silent scenery subsides into these wide open shadows in a lovers gentle embrace in this affair of opposites, Oh how we once were an imperfect pair striving for that piece of perfection, Nurturing these nuances within to accumulate a fleeting sense of protection, but what legacies would we have left behind in our wake unstable heir?! As fluttering confusions became the only mirror these obsessions ever saw inside of your blackening heart...                 

Armchair Arachnid

  Armchair Arachnid

 In that crowded square where youths have aged. A gaggle of tongue dragging dogs rage in heat for that same bitch, a left footed stance... The slobbering scrotums are shafted! & in those halfhearted motions she keeps her bitter hands busy. You won't be near long, as our fleeting conversations are as shaded as the sunglasses of passersby ignorant of a street performer’s song. For it's a complicated coin toss, a caress full of a thousand beautiful confusions! But it seems I'd rather sleep the rest of these days away in a chest full of rum, peeping through panes of protracting piano pieces, & without a single word spoken in your ear can you hear me? Visible as you are in such an occult sense, but I'm panhandling downtown for a hitch as you left in a cab of comforts. Taking your memories back to that place you'd once called “home”, & if I could feel that lost sense that had touched those tingling nerves, would this angelic pulse fall maddened?! These ancestral echoes the lore of a psychic estate passed on through the umbilical cords tying those loose knots in aged family photos... Origins & clues scraped from a dish of subconscious placenta. Smell the fresh blades of the cemetery grass baking in the August heat, be them... Ants crawling along naked window sills in a movement of black dots your outstretched arms rubbing these reddened eyes with vain thirsts of vision quests.....Is magic dead?       

A Shot in the Dark?!

  A Shot In The Dark?!

  Seven Rotations....... Inspirations flashing by in the snap of a camera lens, wavering into this wandering wood before they're captured. It's that shadow of a playground writhing with spiders eccentric through the bite of age! Where memories timid lips were tightly sewn shut, those tasteless tears, Fickle as the salty aroma of bedside fantasies, A crooked “doctor”... but in these lucid imaginings there lie awakened avenues momentarily dormant in a pale cabin of moonlight. Coincidentally stumbled upon as an intriguing book calling out to you from a crowded library shelf, & the panic in her cries resonate through the deep space of this dead connection..... Oh how these retreats home hover over the waning light of a white hospital bed. As daybreak of dreams lie curled in a cocoon of confusions, silent as the isolated nature of the junk sick who solely vibrate loquaciously in those nauseating hours! & these questions of chance dangle before eager eyes. Persuaded by the flickering intrigue of a psychic compulsion to come clean, for these autumn leaves have begun to wither & rot like muses of poems penned in lifetimes before. Callous as the jealousy of affections! but maturities measure through matters of patience... & so the second act gently unfolds in a cascading wash of tie dye premonitions, & with your world packed up over your shoulder your imagination begins to shuffle about anxiously in circle of questions?! Curious as to if the intrigue of this wanderlust that strays could lead these aimless ankles to the warmth of a cozy night daydreaming beside friendly fireplaces. A withdrawal from the familiarity of the nine pentacles adorning childhoods nostalgic gardens. That gather with the waning shadows of momentary tribes bonded by a universal empathy, but these tendencies are elusive progressively evolving as the expansion of consciousness..... A shot in the dark?!                

Am I Transparent??

Am I Transparent??

Sometimes I wonder am I Transparent?  A figment of an imagination, a thought that has yet to be conjured, a fire that has yet to be ignited?? I often stare through the glass and I wonder if my insanity has gotten the best of me or that I myself am the insane one? Reading through papers and listening to the ticking of clocks. A time period that seems to leave me in limbo and a cold step that has me immersed in state that only I can break free from. I often wonder if I’m just some experiment that has been tossed among the wolves. Trying to figure out what is the meaning of everything in my surroundings?? My mind corroding and my fingertips fading away at the dreams that I once held dear, take me to a far off land and restrain me from the fears that hold me back. To achieve immortality one must break free from the prison one builds for himself. The beast beckons as man tried to silence him with the swipe of an axe. You can’t kill what’s within and you can’t kill the spirit that is immortal from the flesh. Transparent now and a visionary in futures to come…

Tribes of Neurot "Adaptation and Survival" The Insect Project LP Review

Tribes of Neurot “Adaptation and Survival” The Insect Project LP


  Tribes of Neurot, the ambient/noise/experimental alter ego of post metal/atmospheric sludge legends Neurosis, go even farther on the atmospheric end of the spectrum compared to Neurosis.  “Adaptation and Survival” The Insect Project was a recording that featured nothing but insect sounds and various electronics, guitars, bass, synth, and drums.  The only thing I can say about this album is they did a damn good job at piecing it all together. The mystery that surrounds the band too also intrigued me a bit. The band apparently has various members of Neurosis but also various collaborators that make appearances on this album as well as other albums.  The sounds all seem to connect to each other to make one piece. The pure genius of combining field recordings of insects with ambience adds a more haunting approach to the recording.  You become lost in a trance, while the various sounds and samples the band produces lock you in where you can’t escape. I recommend checking out some of their other material.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed and I haven't experienced one their live sets but from the videos I've seen it definitely seems to be quite an experience!!!

WhereAreYouLiam "Case of Liquid Melancholy" LP Review

WhereAreYouLiam “Case of Liquid Melancholy” LP

   Instrumental music can really hit a chord with someone depending on the sounds that are depicted and what the listener envisions while listening to the record. For me, the 2009 opus from Russian Post/Progressive Rockers WhereAreYouLiam (which is entitled “Case of Liquid Melancholy”) definitely spoke to me when I checked it out. Dabbling on the subject of addiction, mainly alcohol, the band paints an emotional roller coaster, with its effect laden guitar passages, tight rhythm section, and sparse out electronic sections. The band seems to take the listener into the scenario of someone dealing with the struggle of addiction and finding hope after the struggle is over. You can feel the hurt, anger, and sorrow that eventually lead to the happiness and resolution found at the end of the tunnel. Even though no vocals are present, it seems that the instruments alone say enough. The musicians in the band play tightly and definitely know what works for the compositions at hand. I recommend this piece to fans of Mogwai, Beyond the Dune Sea, Mohican, Jesu and Braveyoung.  This is definitely one of my favorite records at the present time.

State Poison "Self Titled 12 Inch" Review

State Poison “Self-Titled” 12inch

  French hardcore punk band, State Poison whose no bullshit approach to old school hardcore is made apparent on their self-titled 12 inch. Taking influence from Japanese and Swedish hardcore punk, State Poison decimates the listener from start to finish on this record,with intense drumming, dirty bass, and face slicing guitar lines paired with the aggressive vocals definitely had me sold when I checked them out live. The club’s sound quality wasn’t the best, so one couldn't absorb the full effect. So I decided to check them out on recording and was blown away. The thing I liked the most was the production.  A lot of punk praises the lo fi recording style,-which is alright for certain bands,- but I like the fact that State Poison recording is audible and still retains the dirty feel to it as well. The drums and bass lines definitely make for certain songs like “Tache Difficile” "Marecage de Mort" and "You’ve come to Die". The beginning section of the song “State Poison” is another standout moment for me- definitely a great mosh section. I like the guitar lines on this as well because the solos fit for the songs and aren’t over indulgent and complement the angry aggressive vocals of front man Brett (Von Dagger/Murder Suicide Pact). These guys are definitely a menace live and on recording. I recommend checking them out if they come to the states again.  You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Church Whip "Psychedelic Nightmare" LP Review

Church Whip “Psychedelic Nightmare” LP

   One of my personal favorite bands of the local scene would have to be Church Whip, bringing together veterans of other known bands such as Divisions, Merchandise, Cult Ritual and Horrid Cross- to name a few. Church blends together a mix of old school heavy metal with punk aggression. The buildup of the opening drum solo from “Ruin the Vision” is trailed by the nasty dirty bass and throat- slicing guitar lines that gets you ready for the chaotic vocals of Justin Garcia. From start to finish, the record is a comprehensive piece.  The one thing that really attracted me the most was the guitar work. The guitar solos fit the songs well and weren't over the top and didn't drag out on the songs.  The other instrumental tracks,“Nightmare Jackals Advance” and “Desolate Path” give you just enough time to catch your breath until you are once again driven into the ground. I hope Church Whip sticks around for a while and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store!!!