Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mass Control "Raven in Reactor's Shadow" Tape Review

Here is my review for Aug 2014,I'm currently working on reviews for Sept and Oct but for now enjoy this one...

August 2014 Review:

Mass Control “Ravens in Reactor's Shadow” Tape Release

  Gainesville’s Mass Control, which is the sole and I believe, main endeavor of Nicholas David (Monolith Transmission No 13, Pathetic Sex and Styrofoam Swamp), recently put out this tape release that I believe deserves recognition. Side A, which is called the Mask Side, delivers a composition that is very dark, and almost seems to creep up on you as you listen to it. It really reminds me of being locked up in an Alaskan Bunker while the harsh winter engulfs you ever so near to the fate of death. Side B, on the other hand, which is called the Map Side, delivers an audio hypnotism that slowly evolves as the composition continues to form. Nicholas has taken the modular synth sound to a whole new level and has put out an exceptional release that I recommend every fan of the dark ambient, noise and power electronics genres to check out.