Saturday, April 12, 2014

March/April Issue Posted

Alright everyone still keeping strong on posting stuff up for this. Just reviews this time around all by me. Masami will more than likely not be participating with the zine anymore.So I'll finish this issue and  next month's on my own, and have new updates on the future of Cryptic Inscriptions following the posting of the May/June issue. This issue contains the following:


Utica Crib "Subjacent" EP, Halo "Body of Light" LP, Aethenor "En Form For Bla" LP and Raisen d'etre "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" LP

Already have the layout for the next issue until then enjoy this one....

Raisen d'etre "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" LP Review

Raisen d”etre “The Empty Hollow Unfolds” LP

 My most recent finding and currently played album is by Sweden’s “Raisen d”etre”. This dark, ambient creation of Peter Andersson mixes an esoteric blend of synth passages, field recordings, percussion, and the harmonious monk chants that dominate this dark ambient masterpiece. “The Empty Hollow Unfolds” takes you on a journey through the dark corridors of time, wandering various rooms and glancing into each one, all with different things to be discovered in each. I love the intense imagination this album gives me when I listen to it!! I plan on checking out more albums from this profound dark ambient artist, and I suggest you do the same.

Aethenor "En Form For Bla" LP Review

Aeathanor “En Form For Bla” LP

 This international super group, which features members of Ulver and Sunn O))), came together, along with percussionist, Stephen Noble, to create a dark, jazzy, dreamy masterpiece in the form of “En Form For Bla”. I will say the addition of the percussion definitely helps this album.  The drums help to add an extra piece to these abstract, improvised compositions. While the album is broken up into different songs, it appears more to me that this masterpiece is actually just one whole song broken off into separate pieces that correlate with each other. The synth and guitar passages along with the free jazz drumming and electronics makes for a great experimental piece!! I’d definitely recommend this to all experimental enthusiasts!! 

Halo "Body of Light" LP Review

Halo “Body of Light” LP

 Australian-based, noisy doom/industrial sludge two piece, Halo, manages to create a wall of apocalyptic sound that annihilates the listener from the get go. The band’s cryptic combination of nasty distorted bass, heavy electronics, hypnotic drumming, and aggressive vocal assault, sets the tone for this dark doom masterpiece. After listening to this album, it proves that fast and heavy isn’t always the way to go, but a lot of times slow and heavy can be way more punishing. The band’s message of corporate disease and humanity’s shallow existence make good bed fellows with the sonic violence that shakes the existence of man to its very core. I definitely recommend this album to fans of early Godflesh, early Swans and Human Quena Orchestra. 

Utica Crib "Subjacent" EP Review

Utica Crib "Subjacent" EP

The Utica Crib "Subjacent” EP is a phenomenal piece from none other than mastermind, Jon Engman (Custodian/Kathogah/Infinite Structure/Urth).  While most of Engman’s projects are on the far noisier side, Utica Crib takes a completely different direction that harbors more of an atmospheric vibe, while still retaining dark qualities.  The album’s 4 tracks give you a feeling of being a lost soul stuck in a dark room, unaware of the surroundings.  Judgment is based solely on instinct wandering aimlessly towards the light, with the possibility of being forever lost in darkness. Dark ambient fans will definitely enjoy this one; definitely hope to hear more from this project!