Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cellgraft "Deception Schematic" Review

Cellgraft "Deception Schematic"

To be quite honest there hasn’t really been to many local bands I could give two shits about. However, there are a few that have caught my eye “Worlds”, “Shitstorm”, “I’m an Intestine”, “Hail”, “Maruta” and then there is Cellgraft. At first I was a bit apathetic towards the band. I thought they would just come and go like many of the bands around here. They proved me wrong though and each time I’ve seen them live they seem to get better and better. I’m not really here to talk about their live shows, more or less their recent recording Deception Schematic. Now the band themselves are not breaking new ground as far as grind goes, but they do a good job as far as being a grind band. Clocking in at only 7 minutes (typical for most grindcore), don’t expect hour long opuses unless it’s the bands discography. I like this approach though because in my opinion it keeps the listener wanting more and it doesn’t drag out and seem endless. From start to finish the band assaults the listener into submission with fast chaotic blast beats, mixed with dirty sounding riffs, high pitched screams, low growls, noisy feedback, and here and there they throw in some punk esque beats and riffs to change it up. A couple of the tracks that caught my attention were “Asphasia”, “Horizontal Vision” and “To Achieve the Lesser Stone”, and the Assuck cover of “Civilization Comes and Goes” which is done very well. The only thing really wrong with this album is the recording quality itself. Even though it’s better in sound than the bands previous releases it is still somewhat hard to decipher what’s going on. Over all though I recommend checking them out and definitely check out their live shows. Your ears will bleed and you won’t be disappointed. For fans of Assuck, Insect Warfare, and old school Napalm Death you’ll definitely sink your teeth into this.

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