Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Boar

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I just wanted to thank you Alex for taking the time to do this interview. So first off when and what inspired you to start Boar or just create noise?

Boar:The first actual noise that i encountered was a project called "Evil Robot Ted" I had no clue what noise was at all. I even remember the day and moment I came across noise, I was at band practice (I was in a grindcore band at the time) and we were doing the myspace thing and somehow came across Evil Robot Ted and i remember that my friends were laughing and making fun out of the sound and I was really interested in what this was all about! The first harsh noise act that I came across was a project called Eat Your Makeup. I don’t think he is active anymore but still a major influence to this day! So I started making experimental music/ harsh noise with a friend of mine that mainly wanted to experiment with noise with structure but I wanted to mainly work with the harshness of noise.... so i started my own thing and called it Boar.

Joe:Noise is generally an acquired taste either you love it or hate it. Do you think noise is ever going to catch on or do you think it’ll remain and oddity only enjoyed by the few and depraved?

Boar:Haha I actually had this conversation with my little sister the other day and it was hard for her to grasp the idea that in this genre; no one makes it BIG. I don’t think noise is ever going to catch on. I think it will always be an underground genre and I’m totally fine with that. That’s one of the things I really love about noise. No one is in it to make millions.

Joe:Has noise been the only genre you’ve been involved in or have you or do you play other types of music or play in other bands/projects?

Boar:As of right now yes but I grew up a metal head haha. I like all sorts of music and instruments.

Joe:If you could conceive a piece of art to describe Boar what type of art would it be(a surrealist, abstract, cubist, impressionist painting or drawing),and what would it look like?

Boar:This is a good question....I’m going to try and describe it the best way I can....A black wall/ mass, but in the middle ( of this wall/mass) are shades of light breaking through. Pretty much representing that Boar is always evolving.

Joe:When I listen to Boar it reminds me almost of machines taking over, and destroying all in its path, leaving destruction and utter chaos? What’s your perception of what Boar sounds like and represents?

Boar:Boar really reflects the emotions of my life. About 2 years ago for my 2nd tour my material was very ambient and there was a nice steady flow to it. I was almost writing love songs. This time of my life was full of love.I met the girl of my dreams, the girl I knew for a fact that I was going to marry. So Boar was very positive and easy listening but still had its harsh side. On my most recent tour the sound has indeed changed to a destroying all in its path sort of sound. Yet I’m still in love and with a wonderful being, life is beginning to happen, I’m starting to grow up, family issues are starting to occur; so I take that and incorporate the frustration and anger I have in my life into my noise. So to sum it up, Boar is a representation how I personally feel, I may base releases off of certain themes, but it’s always going to be based around my life as Alex Nowacki.

Joe: The key ingredient to most noise is the mass amounts of feedback created by pedals, synthesizers, and tape loops. Have you ever used world instruments or any other form or sound to create your chaotic soundscape?

Boar:In the past I would use drums, bass guitar, guitar but that’s about it.

Joe:Do you have an initial theme behind the recordings you do. Whether it be a feeling your having, or certain subject matter, or just a past life experience? Or do you just hit record and just start creating a chaotic masterpiece?

Boar: I guess I answered that in question 5 haha

Joe:I know you’ve done a few mini tours, and extensive 2 week tours and what not. Are the turnouts for the noise shows fairly decent? Have you gained a bigger fan base off the tours? Do you see the noise scene growing?

Boar:They can be decent and there can only be 3 people at the show. It all depends on how the noise scene is where you are. I’ll play here in Dubuque IA and maybe 10 people will show. Last year’s tour we played in Chicago at this warehouse and it was packed. I think I have gained a bigger fan base. I have gained a lot of friends, that’s a big highlight of touring!

Joe:Most people in the noise scene consider Merzbow to be one of the premier noise bands, was Merzbow and a lot the other Japanese noise bands a big influence for you. Or did you draw influences from other bands in the noise or any other genre of music?

Boar:Not at all, I totally respect what Merzbow does and enjoy his noise but not a big influence.

Joe:So what’s next for Boar, any last words to the readers?

Boar:I have a good amount of releases coming out, about 6 or 7! After these are released I’m going to take a small break from Boar to focus on other projects that I have started to work on. Centuries Behind A Gate, Pyramid Dust, Phantom Rib and other various projects. Of course i would love to thank you for interviewing me! Everyone that has a Boar release and everyone who has supported me, it’s been an amazing run and I plan to keep it that way. If anyone is interested in thanks!

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