Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interview with Joseph of Disgruntled

Disgruntled Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions-First off thanks for taking the time to do this interview Joseph. Give a brief history of Disgruntled, and why did you choose the name for the band?

Joseph-hey man no problem, thank you for doing this for us. Disgruntled was formed in 2004 in Hopewell PA and soon after that we started working on the tracks you can hear on our EP, but due to personal issues we put the band on hold. I moved back to NY and the band time and focus was very limited. We picked the name for the band because it’s just something we can all relate to. At any giving moment there is someone or something that just pissed you off and that is what disgruntled is about all the fucked up facts and situations of our daily life.

Joe-You're very multi talented you play drums, guitar, bass, and you even do vocals. You also play in a ton of other bands besides Disgruntled.Is it tough to make sure all the band’s material sounds different, and do you feel that playing different instruments in every band makes you understand music as a whole 10 times better than if you just played one instrument.

Joseph-I’ll tell you this man it’s a complete mental work out because I’m constantly thinking about all my bands and how to improve the sound of the instrument I play in each one of them. I don’t want them to sound the same but I always want to keep them connected in the brutal death style which is where I prefer to stand as a musician. I like playing different instruments it definitely gives me an open field in music plus I feel honored to know and play with the guys of any of my bands because not only are they brutal musicians, but they are brutal individuals as well and I feel we all learn from each other in some way and that is priceless.

Joe-I know for Disgruntled you play drums and do vocals. I’m not sure if you guys have played any live shows, but if you have or are planning on will you be doing vocals and drums or will you have some else come in to do vocals live?

Joseph-We played several shows here and there and I do both drums and vocals live and I’m pretty sure it will stay like that.

Joe-What’s the lyrical focus of the band, and what was the theme for the EP?

Joseph-The lyrics of the bands are mostly about the real and disgusting things that are happening every day ,every second in our lives ie: corruption, child predators, conspiracy, ,global decimation, rape, murder, violence, governments lying and deceiving us, cannibalism and human exploitation. The theme for the EP is mostly about humans coming to this planet and just unleashing our seed of creation, ,knowledge, infections, sorrow, decay and just creating a habitat for ourselves without caring who or what we step on just for the sake of survival and control.

Joe-Do you write all the music or do both you and Neil (guitars) collaborate as far as Disgruntled is concerned?

Joseph-Neil and I both write the music and lyrics

Joe-The vocals are definitely in the disgusting sickening guttural style, but some of the vocals almost sound Napalm Death (Barney Greenway esque) is Napalm Death an influence, and do you listen to other types of music that influence not just the band, but you as a musician?

Joseph-i grew up listening to Napalm Death so it’s always been a part of my influence. Plus Barney’s vocal style always made a point with strong attitude and that is interesting to me. As far as gutturals you can’t go wrong with them; it doesn’t get any more disgusting, sicker and gutsy than that, Which I want to say thanks to Ammo for doing a sick job on the backing vocals of the CD.

Joe-I like the fact that Disgruntled is very primitive sounding, not overly technical just straight up face decimating death grind! Do you feel that bands now a days over think technically to just playing straight raw heavy ass music?

Joseph-I’m a fan of technical death metal but once it’s overdone it gets on my fucking nerves, I feel that there is a balance with technicality and that u can only do so much, with Disgruntled it’s not so much about the technical part but more just like u said bro straight up in your face no bullshit just pound something or someone. (MMA fighters out there stop listening to lady gaga before you go into the cage. go get a disgruntled or brutal metal CD instead ,results guaranteed or your get you money back hahahah)

Joe-Would you describe Disgruntled as two lions shredding a human alive or someone being devoured in river by a bunch of crazed piranhas?

Joseph-Interesting question I described Disgruntled more like a bunch of sick individuals doing fuck up shit such as: gang beating and raping someone, killing innocent people and eating their flesh, raping childrens, shit like that which is disgusting and it makes me Disgruntled as fuck.

Joe-Do you add bass to the recordings, or do you keep it simple and just have guitar, drums and vocals? Will there ever be the addition of a bassist in the future?

Joseph- There’s no bass on our recordings. We tune really low so it’s heavy and bassy as it and I don’t think we would get a bassist, but if someone wants to try in the future will def give him/her a chance to try out.

Joe-I noticed that you guys released your EP through Severed Records congratulations on that! Are you guys going to be releasing a full length through them, and what do you hope to capture on the LP that you didn’t on the EP?

Joseph-Hey man thanks and thanks to Barret Amis for giving us the chance and putting out our EP for distribution. We would be glad to put our full length on Severed records but that is really up to him. Our LP is already in the making we got all the tracks lined up and will be ready record soon; our new CD will surely be a lot faster and heavier with more of a brutal death sound to it.

Joe-Anything else as far as Disgruntled is concerned? Any last words to the readers?

Joseph-I want thank you once again for this interview,as far as disgruntled is concerned we are working hard on the new CD and if everything goes well it should be done by the fall -winter time.. A big shout to my brothers in Andromorphus Rexalia, Animals Killing People, Eclampsia and to all you readers support brutal music because it’s not just a style of music but a way of life as well.

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