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Interview with 013 of Jesus Crost

Jesus Crost Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I just want to thank you 013 for taking part in this interview. Give a brief history of Jesus Crost to anyone who doesn’t know the band, and the origin of the name?

013:No prob. We’re a grindcore-powerviolence duo from Rotterdam, Holland. We started in 1996 as a crustcoreband in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror. Cröst was the style we played at that time.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: It seems that you guys progressed from a punk band to grind/power-violence band, was there a particular reason for this?

013-Yes, indeed we started as a punkband. Nowadays we play faster and learned how to play our instruments. No particular reason to change our style.
If you see all the releases through the last years we changed our style quite often. Our first official full-length cd ‘the feeding of the party punks’ was a kind of d-beat crustcore attack released in 1999.

Our second full-length is way different than our last 2 albums ‘tot’ and ‘010’. The split EP with Active Minds in 2002 was our most melodic of all our releases and the split EP with Phobia on Bones Brigade we play goregrind/powerviolence. JC never stopped exploring.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: The early releases really seem to take a stab at the death of the punk scene. Personally I think people just use the term Punk as a fashion statement rather than an actual movement or lifestyle what’s your stance on that?

013-Yes, you’re right. We said what we had to say. In 2011 no more lyrics about the punk scene, but about things that really matter like football, hooliganism and torture :)

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You recently released the full length album 010 and before that put out a bunch of other full lengths/splits/demos. Do you believe that recording a bunch of records help the band gain attention in the underground?

013-For sure. When you listen to our first demo ‘punk is dead’ the sound is way different.. but people knew we were a band since 1996. so it helped gain some attention, but now a days we try to get bigger by playing at bigger festivals. Last year we played Maryland Deathfest.. these are the fests we want to play hehe

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Being in a band I know that when writing material for a new album it has to top and exceed what the other record didn’t. So does 010 top the other records you have recorded?

013-Writing 23 songs for the 010 album was a hell of a job. The drummer wrote also 2 or 3 songs. I’m responsible for the music and 10 (drummer) writes all the lyrics.
But yeah. I think the quality of the songs of the 010 album are better than the tot album. Even the sound is better. Maybe less direct, but in a way more professional.
I’m busy writing new songs for our live set. Finally the new songs will be released as a new full-length album in 2012 or 2013. The album will be more stop and go powerviolence than evah.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You guys have been playing out a lot doing mini tours/fests and what not. Which one of these fests/gigs recent or past did you guys enjoy playing the most?
013-JC top 5 highlights:

Obscene Extreme Fest Trutnov (Czech-Republic)
010 CD release party Rotterdam (Holland)
Zverovision Fest Kiev (Ukraine)
Maryland Death Fest (USA)
SWR Metalfest, Barroselas (Portugal)

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: You switch off from using pitch shifted and natural vocals which I think is sick as fuck. What brought this idea on and do you think it helps give the band a more intense and sick sound?

013-Thanks a lot for the compliment! I recently sold my pitchshifter to Yannic from Rectal Smegma. A good friend of ours. Now a days I do clean pig squeals and screams. The pitchshifter era is over.It fits the best with style of music we play.I started to use the pitchshifter in 2008 during our Euro tour with FUBAR. The drummer and me where huge fans of Ulcerrhoea and loved the pitchshifter. Also loved the Regurgitate pitch, so we decided to use it and switch it off with natural vocals.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I know you guys had a session singer Mandy for the earlier material, but I did notice you guys never had a bassist. Was there a particular reason for this, and is bass on the actual recordings and have you ever thought of adding a bassist in the past?

013-Mandy only shouted some songs on the first demo and the first CD. After that, no more guest members.Nope. Bassplayers suck. We don’t need one for the kind of music we play. I split amps on recordings and live so we have a basssound.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I noticed that the songs are being sung in another language. What language is it, and what are the general lyrical themes of the songs?

013-German lyrics. Songs about football, energy drink etc. The big issues of life.

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: If you could sum up the existence of Jesus Crost in a phrase what would it be?

013-Crustcore band against drunken punks to Rotterdam Grindcore Hooligans..

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words for the readers (any new recordings, gigs coming up)?

013-No prob bro. Expect us to be playing some festivals in 2012 and a split EP with US grinders Phobia. If you guys want to book us for your fest, get in touch
No slow all go baby!


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