Saturday, October 15, 2011

Interview with the bizarre Igorrr

Igorrr Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I want to thank you Gautier for taking the time to do this interview. To get things started give a brief history of the monstrosity that is Igorrr?

Gautier/Igorrr: This is a really hard question, can you answer it for me?

Joe: What made you decide to combine genres that were completely different from one another from death metal to trip hop to Baroque style music? Was this always how Igorrr was intended to be?

Gautier:What made me decide to do it? I wanted to hear something that I couldn't find anywhere else, I'm just making the music I want to listen to.
That's a bit selfish, indeed.
From the beginning, Igorrr intended to be the place where I connect different universes. That is a really funny thing for me. It's like a huge party with all of your friends, but really different.

Joe: The one thing that draws me to the band besides the music is the artwork itself. Do you feel that the art really gives a great visual sense of the band itself?

Gautier: Definitely, really often, the visual makes the first impression of the music; it gives an idea about the way of understanding the music.
Imagine a suite of Baroque tracks on a CD with a True Black Metal cover, the point of view of the listener on these tracks will be totally different.

Joe: With every band the goal is to top the next release and I can definitely say you did that with your recent album “Nostril”. Did you feel that to make an album even crazier than the prior release “Moisissure” was going to be a challenge or did it just come to you?

Gautier: In Nostril, I just wanted to get the album which was the closest possible to what I was thinking about music in that time.
It came to me, but it was a really long way, I was making myself sick of my own tracks, forced to listen them over and over again. I was improving the tracks until the moment they sounded "perfect" to my ears. There was no challenge with any other albums, the only challenge was to make the ideas the most precise possible.

Joe: What inspires you as far as Igorrr is concerned; is it music, themes, experiences, life or is Igorrr a bizarre figment of your imagination?

Gautier: I don't know really, I think, the chickens inspire me a lot recently, but i don't know why.

Joe: Would you say Igorrr is more Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso or a little of both? Explain.

Gautier: I'd rather say that Igorrr is more a mix between Julio Iglesias and Johnny Hallyday, watch carefully their haircut, you'll understand.

Joe: I know you play live with Igorrr, is it hard to recreate these bizarre recordings live, and what do you use in live scenarios?

Gautier: Yes it's quite hard to play it live, there are thousands of instruments everywhere, coming, disappearing, coming back again, and all of this, often at the same time.
As I’m alone on stage, it is impossible to recreate exactly everything, so I'm playing live, like with a puzzle, bringing the right sample in the right moment.

Joe: What’s going on with the other project your involved in called Whourkr? Any new recordings in the works with that band/project?

Gautier: There were some changes recently in Whourk, the singer ( -i snor ) left the band to spend his time on his own project, as the first singer of Whourkr did for Öxxö Xööx some time ago. There is a brand new singer here known as "Mulk" and we are working hard on the new album which hopefully will see the daylight at the beginning of 2012.

Expect mental breaking and pigs, but much worse than everything else.

Joe: Are there any other genres of music that you haven’t touched on with Igorrr that you would like to use on future recordings or have you already touched on everything that you desire as far as Igorrr is concerned?

Gautier: I haven't touched everything I wanted yet, there will be some new explorations, but the main vs. I wanted to express is already existing, the Baroque / Breakcore stuff.

Joe: If you could collaborate with another artist who would it be? How do you think the recording would turn out?

Gautier: It would be Julien Clerc, I love his huge and fat bass drums.

Joe: Are you currently contemplating ideas for the next recording? If so what should we expect from the new recording?

Gautier: Yes, I’m totally into the new Igorrr now and the new Whourkr as well. I think you can expect some taboulé, little, thin sausages and few slices of white cheese.

Joe: Thanks for taking part in this interview. Anything else for the readers concerning recordings, shows/tours etc?

Gautier: Yes of course! …


  1. I was hoping reading an interview would sort of clear up what the man was thinking. I now understand even less of it.

  2. This guy is a true genius, one of a kind