Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan/Feb Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions is up!!!!

Sorry for the delay,had a lot going on this month.The reformation of Haemotodipsomania plus all the work with Panspermia has been keeping me busy.Here is the Jan/Feb issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.The Gored Interview hasn't been received,but it will be posted in the future.Also the future issues of Cryptic Inscriptions will be monthly and limited to one album review,and it'll also feature one of the many macabre poems I'll be working on throughout the year.

Time to awaken those who sleep...


Jan Feb Issue features:

Barn Owl "From our Mouths a Perpetual Light" LP, Custodian" Faults in the Structure" Cassette,Impetigo "Horror of the Zombies" LP and Disgorged Foetus "Years of Goremageddon" Compilation.

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