Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mellow Mirrors Melt

Mellow Mirrors Melt:

Gazing through this open window, symmetrically framed outside the mirrors of time, A scene mellow as these silver webs spun from the dissipating glare of the moonlight, That wide open space vacant as the translucent shorelines of midnight,& These drifting tides begin to flow in the calm of this shifting dream, Formless as the scenery of slumber, A cordless channel of telepathy without a sequence projected through a number, As imagination was the only remote resting in my hand, Waking just to withdrawal back to these pleasant shadows, & The surface of this canvas slowly peels away as we melt back into the sheets, Silently fading with the highs & lows of this contagious sense of laughter..... & I'd once penned a tale dreamt through a foggy lens, Scraping it for scenes from tomorrows amends, A remote viewer scribbling sentences wise as the eyes of the womb, Tearing down these towering castle walls to bathe in the vast beauty of nature.      

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