Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nov/Dec Issue

Alright everyone just like we promised here is the Nov/Dec issue of Cryptic Inscriptions.It's not as huge as the previous issue,but it still has a decent amount of material for you guys to check out.We hope you enjoy:

Reviews by Joe:

OM "Variations on a Theme" LP, ISIS "Oceanic" LP and Remains "Ruin Repeat" Demo

Reviews by Masami:

The Current Group "Plateau Meridians" LP and Memoryhouse "The Years" LP

Poems by Joe:

Self Proclaimed Martyr,As the Dead Walk Among Us and An Ocean Drift

Poems by Masami:

Therapy, As Stray Stars Wander About,The Woods of Abandon and Puzzled Pieces in the Pipers Paradox

New issue is being conceived.That's all for now see you in 2013 maybe?

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