Monday, February 18, 2013

Braveyoung "We are Lonely Animals" LP Review

Braveyoung “We are Lonely Animals” LP

   Drone/ Post Rock outfit, Braveyoung has been creating and experimenting with music since 2005 in North Carolina.  In 2008, the band migrated to Portland, Oregon and have participated in various EPs and collaborations. Braveyoung takes music to a whole new level and breathes fresh air into the countless copy cat bands that seem to plague the scene as of late. On their 2011 release, “We Are Lonely Animals”, the band creates epic and atmospheric soundscapes with various instruments and sounds that separate them from the rest. I’m a sucker for Ebow’s and they definitely know how to make use of them. I also really like how the band seems to put a lot of emotion and feeling behind the songs, leaving you feeling happy, sad , and even leave you pondering at certain moments. I would definitely check out certain songs on this record, but to me, the entire record is worth checking out. I also think it'd be great if they did soundtracks for films as well. Maybe someday... who knows?

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