Monday, February 18, 2013

Vishuddha Kali "Psenodakh" LP Review


               Vishuddha Kali : Psenodakh LP Review

     Russia's Vishuddha Kali at a first listen seems to sound more like a project summoned
   from the mountains of Tibet rather then those of St. Petersburg. However, this solo endeavor of artist Andrei Komarov embodies an aura that soothes the listener's mind into a sleep lucid as the light of day. The ambiance projected on Psenodakh is an array of chants and vocal manipulations all stemmed from the artist's voice alone. A concept familiar to monastic sects and also other musical acts such as San Diego's Prima Materia, the album is quite trance inducing, a perfect backdrop for a quiet evening of contemplation or meditative practice. The listener becomes immersed in the thick layers of vibrations & drifts with the centering nature of chants & echoes. The minimal percussions on the record are quite ritualistic, focusing energies to a concentrated expression of formlessness. In retrospect, Psenodakh embodies the primordial essence that breathes life into the heart of nature!

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