Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lustmord "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" LP Review

Lustmord “The Place where the Black Stars Hang” LP

Lustmord’s “The Place where the Black Stars Hang” is a definite must-have in any dark ambient fan’s collection. After spanning a 20 year career and appearing on various movie soundtracks, collaborations and recording various LP’s and EP’s Lustmord definitely understands the concept of dark ambience. The vibe I get off of this album is very space oriented or even cemetery oriented at some points. It gives the feeling of being in a crypt or being lost in the portal of space and time wondering if there is any escape. I really like the sounds used on this album.  They put you in a trance and give you many different feelings than just one when it comes to listening to these types of records. The added chants and wind instruments definitely make a difference as well!! Lustmord still continues to make music, do collaborations and works also on soundtracks. If you appreciate dark soundscapes this release is for you.

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