Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cystgurgle "Regurgitant Slurp of Mashed Embryo" EP Review

Cystgurgle “Regurgitant Slurp of Mashed Embryo” EP

The goregrind drum and bass duo of Goredick (Small Pox Aroma/ExPxWx) and Niose (Masochist) bring an utterly disgusting, vomit-soaked laden batch of groovy and fast goregrind to the table with their EP “Regurgitant Slurp of Mashed Embryo” EP. The album is the typical gore grind, offering gory photos, song titles, and disgusting vocals with the music to match. Even though I’m a fan of Small Pox and ExPxWx, I like the fact that this band seems to be a bit more controlled and not so sporadic at times separating it from the other projects they are involved in. The grooves are very punchy and punk- esque, and the blasts are still menacing and aggressive in the same breath. The vocals seemed to be a bit high in the mix, burying the music at times, but overall, I have to say I enjoyed this recording very much.  Some of my favorite tracks included “Scattered Cadaveric Mess”, “Anally Devouring Prolapsed Intestines”, and “Fist Fucking Dead Tracheal Tissues”.  Certain highlights I personally enjoyed were the vocal hangout on “Tongue Slipping on Larvae Ridden Peritoneum” and Pulmonary Fibrosis’s “Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours” to end off the album.  This, to me, definitely added to the entirety of the album.  I recommend this to fans of Last Days of Humanity, Cock and Ball Torture, Die Pigeon Die, and Methadone Abortion Clinic

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