Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Hypnosis of Hades

The Hypnosis of Hades

Savant of emotional sciences, your psychic scabies are a shamanic stone shock waving our senses into a state of Samadhi. Constructing a temple “Independent” of glass insects squirming through the watchers “I” ?? These accretions aging our arms into an intense acupuncture of those adolescent archetypes rewriting our histories to restore that lost moment. Laughter centering at the source of medicines that remedy the serpents bite! As imposing limits were lifted in a focused fashion. For these days our hours didn't set to float by in the faint light of an evening’s fog, & oh what memories had we been trying to forget all these sleeping years? Their symbolism seen through strangers that surround loose legged tables... A stolen youth?! & this silent scenery subsides into these wide open shadows in a lovers gentle embrace in this affair of opposites, Oh how we once were an imperfect pair striving for that piece of perfection, Nurturing these nuances within to accumulate a fleeting sense of protection, but what legacies would we have left behind in our wake unstable heir?! As fluttering confusions became the only mirror these obsessions ever saw inside of your blackening heart...                 

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