Saturday, December 14, 2013

3XA "Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma" LP Review

3XA “Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma” LP

  Another of the many, many, and dare I say again, many projects of Bobby Maggard. This latest slab of splatter and gore is from a new project he created earlier this year called 3XA;this particular EP release is entitled “Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma”. The experimental splatter gore grind project has some similarities to Maggard’s other projects, but the presence of techno beats, which make various appearances on tracks, complement well with the nasty Tumor, Biocyst, Anal Whore influences that soak this release. The one thing that caught me off guard was the clean guitar part in the beginning.  I have nothing against clean guitar, I but wasn’t expecting that on this release, which makes it all the more interesting (in my opinion of course).  Don’t let that fool you because this release isn’t for the light hearted.  It is for the bare bones gore grind fan no lyrics-no titles just pure chaotic gory nonsense!!! FUCK OFF!! 

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